Countdown To Vacation

In less than 1 week I’m in a sandy desert with heat and sun. It will be wonderful!

Thinking of what to pack with me. I don´t have any time tomorrow to pack physically but mentally prepares me anyway. There is so much going on now before Christmas that I have to do. It’s packed schedule until I leave on Wednesday. Thankfully the flight is not until after lunch so I have all morning on Wednesday to pack. Ideally, I want to have it clear before the actual travel date. Can not you also feel that way? Or are you like the person who can pack the same day and still manage to get it all? Congratulations to you! 🙂

doha stranddoha

I have to pick up the suitcase from the basement. I will celebrate both Christmas and New Year in Doha. What would you recommend to pack?

Have a safe flight!


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