I always get the question why I´m traveling solo and not with someone on all my trips. Depending on where in the world I am, what kind of trip it is and and who is asking my answer is different every time but one thing that I know is for sure, is that, I have deliberately chosen to travel solo and I know why I want to do it, that´s enought for me.

Tulum, Mexico


In this post “Why I chose to travel” can you read more about my personal reasons why I want to travel and my reasons to travel in general. Today I want to share my 5 most important reasons why I´m traveling solo.

Even if I share with you guys my own personal arguments to why I traveling solo, there are many out there who doesn´t share the same opinions with me and that´s fine. This is MY reasons, yours may be different if you traveling solo?

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I know there are people out there who doesn´t have afford to travel, or doesn´t dare to travel, or just thinks it´s scary to fly. Some people are afriad of flying and other people doesn´t prioritize it. Whatever it is, I have chosen to travel solo beacuse of many reasons and those reasons I´m gonna share with you right now.

Pros and cons:

I have previous written about the pros of traveling solo and the cons of traveling solo, according to me. In this post I will answer the question more precisely ”Why I´m traveling  solo”.

Isla de Holbox

This is my 5 most important reasons why I chose to travel solo:

1. I don´t have anything that stops me at home

I have, in this moment when I write this post, no husband, no kids, no dog and I have resigned from beeing a employer to start my own business. In my own business it is included to travel and a must for me, that´s why I have chosen to start my own business where I can coordinate both traveling and business at the same time.

2. I´m not sick

I´m not sick and my body is in a healthy condition and that´s why I want to travel as long as can and my body allows me to.

3. Others have difficult to take same vacationdays as me

We all have our jobs and some people have more vacationdays than others. We also chose how to spend those days. Most of the time the people I want to travel with can´t really have same days as me or doesn´t want to travel same days as me or prioritize something else. This means that I rather traveling by myself than not at all beacuse someone can´t travel with me.

4. Other thinks it´s expensive to travel

Same as we chose how to prioritize our vacationdays, we also prioritize what we want to spend our money on. I always spend my money on travels, and if I don´t find any likeminded as me it will be difficult to travel with someone else that want to go to same destinations as me.

5. We want different things on a trip

Even if I find someone to travel with it´s also about to find someone who want´s to see and do the same things as you want during a trip. I want to travel with someone who wants to see and explore almost the same things as I want and unfortnetly it´s not easy to find someone that wants that. Then I rather traveling solo to see and explore those things I want to do.

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Beach in Abu Dhabi

I rather traveling solo than not at all just because no one else wants, have time, have money or prioritize to travel with me. This is my main reasons why I chose to travel solo. If I don´t travel solo I won´t be able to see the world and that´s a reason why I travel from the beginning. You can read more reasons in this post.

Kameler i Doha

Telefonkiosk London

Are you traveling solo or do you want to travel solo, what are YOUR reasons to traveling solo?

Happy Travels!
// Charlotte

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