We live in a society today where our performance requirements are getting higher and higher and at the same time you also have to keep up with your friends, family, working out, make a career, look good, have a partner, preferably an expensive apartment and have a high salary with a nice title. I feel bad only I hear myself saying this, because it’s just these requirements I had on myself until one day I crashed and couldn’t get up for several months, literally.

Book Me as a Lecturer Within Travels, Entrepreneurship or Fatigue Syndrome

During fall of 2017, I was sick in fatigue syndrome, depression, stress and anxiety. With 3 big things going on in my life, all at the same time, without processing each one of them, I ended up getting really sick. That’s when I realized that I wanted to live my dream and my passion in life, namely traveling full time with my travel blog www.readyfortakeoff.se which I turned from a hobby to my own company.

I have traveled alone or “solo” as it is called, for over 10 years and started my travel blog www.readyfortakeoff.se after my time as flight attendant in the Middle East. Today, I travel full time, as a solo female traveller around the world with my company as a digital nomad.

Book a profound, funny and informative lecture with me, where I after my sick leave completely turned my way of thinking and instead living my dream as full time job. I tell you what it means to change your insight into life, how I dared to resigned from a fixed employment with a high salary to put myself into an empty space being my own boss. How dare I travel alone and what does it take for me to dare to succeed?

Arlanda flygplats

About The Lecturer:

Charlotte Lundquist is 32 years old and coming from Stockholm. At age 31, she became sick for stress, fatigue depression and anxiety. Today she runs her own company with her travel blog www.readyfortakeoff.se, one of Sweden’s Top 10 Best Travel Blogs, nominated by Skyscanner in the summer of 2018. She wants to inspire people to dare to travel solo, regardless of age, sex or ethnicity. She travels around the world to share her story and to help others to venture out into the world on their own feet.

With her lecture, she wants to open up to the world how to dare take the step to travel solo, because there are so many out there who WANTS but are to AFRAID of doing it due to many different reasons. She teaches you how to manage do it on your own, how to meet new people, and how you challenge yourself as a person to dare go outside your comfort zone.

The Price:

You can email at charlotte@readyfortakeoff.se for questions and pricing.
The lecture can be customized according to your wishes!

Öken i Abu Dhabi


Charlottes Lifestory

A happy, social and outgoing women with very high ambitions on myself led to my crash that made me realize what was important in my life. From being educated in Master of Science and economy to be an entrepreneur who now lives on my passion and dream as a full time travel blogger. This lecture contains sections of all the points below.

Charlottes life as Flight Attendant 

I have been working as a flight attendant for over five years at two different airlines. I lived three years in the Middle East and worked on a big, well known, 5-star airline and two years in a well known Scandinavian airline. How did I become a flight attendant after just having taking my degree in Master of Science and economy at Lund University in Sweden?

From hobby to Business

How do you transform a hobby you’ve had for years and turning it into a business? Why do you resign from a well paid permanent job with a high salary and a nice title to stand on your own feet and start from zero with no safe income, who does that and why?

Mental illness

How much is your life worth for you? Today, I value my life quite differently from what I did before I became sick in fatigue depression, stress and anxiety, something that I now want to share with me. Unfortunately, we are getting more and more sick of this disease and can I have a single person, not to end up where I once ended up, that will mean a lot to me!

I share what I wish I could have done differently in order not to crash as I did and hope it can help others who are in the same situation. How have I managed to get out of this sickness, have I got healthy from this and what has been required from me and will I ever be the same Charlotte as I once was?

Algarve, Portugal


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Happy Tavels!
// Charlotte

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