My guide Taib from Destination Zanzibar took me out on a boat ride to Prison Island. Prison Island is a little smaller island located about 30 minutes boat ride outside Stone Town. At Prison island there is these giant tortoises that I wanted to see. 


Inside Stone Town there is a hotel called the Tembo Hotel which looks very nice and that I would recommend to stay if you are staying in Stone Town more than 1 night. Just outside the hotel, on the beach there is lots of wooden boats that you go out with to the Prison Island.

There are several names for this island. Prison Island is one of the names, it is also called Changuu Island and is surrounded by coral blue water 😉

Me and Taib from Destination Zanzibar that I had as a personal guide.

THANK YOU Taib for a really lovely and eventful day in Stone Town and Prison Island! I can really recommend Taib as a guide!

Have you been on Prison Island, what did you think of the giant tortoises?

Have a safe flight!


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