There are a lot of hotel options in Pisa.I stayed at the Grand Duomo Hotel. Which hotel is the best? Most affordable? Have the best location? There are few hotels that are very good, though with different conditions. Some hotels are super-luxurious and have a really good standard but are a little further from the “pedestrian street” where the Pisa Tower is located. Another hotel is quite okay but have no rooftop bar. So which hotel should you choose?
a picture of the entrance of the grand duomo hotel pisa


The hotel I stayed at is called Grand Duomo Hotel in Pisa and I can really recommend this hotel! Not too expensive and quite alright standard. I compared at and and found the same room type for a better price on The hotel is right next to the Pisa Tower and has a roof terrace, which I appreciate a lot more than staying at a “luxury hotel”. I traveled by myself so for me the standard was not a big deal this time, however, I managed to find this hotel for a very surprisingly good price!

a picture of the view from the rooftop restaurant

a picture of the rooftop seating at the restaurant

a picture of designer chairs in the rooftop restauranta view of the street and the leaning tower of pisa from the hotel

The view from my hotel room couldn´t be better. I really got a super view and was very pleased! A Tip: When you book your hotel, always fill in the comments field if you have a specific request or want something special. I always do that and almost every time it works. This time I wanted a room with a view over the Pisa Tower and I got it!

a picture of me with the tower in the background

another picture of the view from the hotel

Breakfast was included every morning and this is the dining room where breakfast is served.

a picture of hotel guesting dining at the hotel

a picture of a small bottle of perfume complimentary in my room


Why did I choose this hotel? Actually because of the terrace on the rooftop, if I’m going to be honest. I took the elevator up this afternoon and ordered a glass of sparkling wine and got some snacks to that. To come up here, to this terrace, is a must if you visit Pisa, whether you stay in the hotel or not you can actually come up here. Order something to drink and enjoy this beautiful view. It’s so worth it (if you spend a night in Pisa and have time left).

a picture of the alcohol menu at the restaurant

a picture of me holding a glass of wine

another picture of a glass of wine in my hand

a picture of a glass of wine on the table

a picture of wine and some snacks on my table

a picture of tourists at sunset enjoying the view from the rooftop restaurant

I’m just saying; The location, the location, THE LOCATION! 😀 It will not be better than this sunset over Pisa at the Grand Hotel Duomo.

a picture of the interior of the rooftop restaurant

a picture of the view of the street at sunset

I booked a standard room for 1 person with a double bed and stayed here for 3 nights in total.

a picture of the entrance to my bedroom at the hotel

a picture of my bed in my room

another view of my bedroom at the hotel

a picture of my bathroom

a picture of stairs and lobby at the hotel

a picture of the lobby at the hotel

The reception is open 24 hours a day and the staff is very nice and helpful. They speak very good English to be Italians. (Not many Italians who spoke English of those I exchanged a few words with during my trip).

a picture of the reception at the hotel

a picture of the stairs in the lobby

a picture of the entrance to the hotel at night with the lights ona picture of me at the window in my room

Have you visit in Pisa and stayed over the night, which hotel did you stay at?

Have a nice trip!



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