If there is any question I receive most of the times during these months as a fulltime travel blogger is how I can afford all my travels. Money is a subject I don´t like to talk about, I have never done but because you readers ask me that question very often, I have chosen to write about it in this blogpost.

Chitchen Itza, CancunAngkor Wat, Kambodja


From an outside perspective, my life may look like I´m always sit on a tropical beach and sip on a drink, but of course that´s not how it is in real life. Behind everything you see, there is a lot of hard work!

As a teenager, I worked extra as a babysitter and during my time in high school I worked as a waitress at a restaurant in the evenings and during weekends, which was my first real job. When I was studied at the University, I worked extra on a travel agency so I could support myself.

The mosque in Abu Dhabi

The Georgian Harrods

Travel is my passion

Travel has always been my biggest passion in life! We all prioritize differently as to what we choose to spend our money on. While others spend their money on expensive bags, shoes or house purchases, I choose to buy trips for my money. I don´t spend expensive money on a restaurant, I don´t have a car, my rent is quite cheap and I do big groceryshopping when I’m home. I try to be as economical as I can. In addition, I worked a lot last year, which means that I saved more money than I spent, due to I was working so much.

Thanks to my studies abroad and at University, I have created a network of friends all over the world and if I´m staying at their place I only need to buy the flight ticket. I am also invited to stay at hotels sometimes and then I only need to buy the flight ticket as well.

El Nido, PhilippinesLuxury Travel Blog

My job as travel blogger

As a fulltime travel blogger, I have the privilege of decide when I want to travel, and therefore I always have my eyes open for when flight tickets are reduced in price. I like to search, compare and follow up if a flight goes up or down in price, which you can read more about in this blogpost. Most often, I can also decide to fly the day after or two days later, which means that the trip will be a ”last minute price” and will therefore be beneficial to me in terms of the price.

Bacardi island, Dominican Republic

Boracay, Filippinerna

Hard work!

But it is hard work behind everything! Even though I’m on vacation, I’m up late at night to edit blog posts and photos and then to get up early in the morning, trying to look pretty fresh in front of the camera to catch the sunrise. Obviously, I love my job as a travel blogger, but you will be nothing if you don´t try!

Business Class

Qatar Airways business class

Follow your dreams

With that said, I urges everyone to work hard against their goals and the dreams you want to achieve! I have worked hard and been saving money to meet my dreams that I have, which is to be able to travel on fulltime as I do now.

Siem Reap, Kambodja

Follow that dream

Fight for the dreams you have and don´t give up!
You can follow my dreams at Instagram here, Facebook here, Bloglovin here or Youtube here.

Happy Travels!
// Charlotte


    • Charlotte Lundquist Reply

      Tack för fin kommentar Celine 🙂 Jag mår mycket bättre av att göra det jag har passion för 🙂

    • Charlotte Lundquist Reply

      Tack Linda! 🙂 Ja precis, vi gör ju det. Tack snälla I will 😉

  1. Amazing! Maybe one day I’ll do the same or at last see as much of the world as I can. Your destinations are so beautiful and you have some rare destinations as well! I follow you on Instagram. Did you pay a visit to Aruba already? Xx Isaura (on IG isaurrax)

    • Thank you very much for your sweet words, it means a lot! 🙂 Unfortunately I never been to Aruba but really want to go there, have you been? 🙂 XXX

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