Have you ever experienced how passengers behave while boarding? They almost fight when they get onboard a flight? That they do everything to appear first in the queue? I have seen that several times now. Just recently when I went to Italy. As soon as the ground staff speaks out that it’s time for boarding, passengers are almost fighting to scan their ticket first, to get onboard. Why?


a picture of the Oslo terminal

I don´t understand the hype with this? Do people think they won´t get their seat or the flight is getting filled? Is it worth arguing and messing with other passengers in the line regarding about who stood before who? It’s a spectacle to see. I always stand away a bit to wait until most people have boarded so it’s a bit “calmer” when I get on the flight. Unfortunately, it has an impact on me aswell. Somehow, It affects me, even if I don´t want it, I feel that I have to “follow” the others. The flight may get full….

a picture of me in my set on the airplane

I know that many people are worried about not having space for their luggage up in the overhead bin. As a former flight attendant, I know that it will be fine. Your bag will fit somewhere, the staff on board will always find room for all the bags. There is always a solution! 🙂

a picture of me in my uniform on dutya picture of passengers going to their seats

another picture of how passenger behave when loading luggage in the overhead bins

Could it be that we are so stressed in the society today that we also have the feeling that we have to get onboard the aircraft as quickly as possible? What is wrong with a calm and quiet, one after another boarding without stabbing each other? It’s not that the flight goes without you if you already have checked in 🙂

For everyone’s sake, behave calmly and sensibly in the gate when you get onboard your flight 🙂

a picture of passengers seated in the airplane

This is My Tips for how you SHOULD behave when you get onboard the aircraft:

  • Be on time!
  • Sit close to the gate if possible otherwise stand close to it
  • When the ground staff speaks out that it’s time to get onboard, wait a while until most people have boarded
  • If you still have to be the first passenger getting onboard, do not rush, walk calmly
  • Most often, a queue is formed, let elderly passengers and passengers who need assistance to go onboard before you
  • Don´t fight in the queue, there is no competition, everyone will get onboard
  • When you are onboard the aircraft, take a step aside when you find your seat so the boarding goes as smoothly as possible

a picture of the entertainment system in turkish airlines

What do you say about this behavior, do you agree?

Read more about airplane etiquette here.

Have a safe Flight!


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