Valentine’s Day, it´s the day of love today. This day is dedicated to everybody who loves someone, usually associated with love couples and romance. Of course, it doesn´t have to be that. I also associate it with the love to my family and my friends. Most years in my life I have been in a relationship, but this year it looks different for me.

Punta cana beach


I have chosen to travel on a full-time basis, which means that I travel on days that sometimes mean a little extra for me, including Valentine’s Day. I sincerely wish that I had a boyfriend who suprised me with flowers and chocolate this day or that we had been traveling to Paris together for example. A boyfriend who even I could do that little extra for today with presents and homemade dinner. Well, it won´t be like that for me this year.


Instead, I´m on the other side of the world, on a Caribbean island in the middle of nowhere, almost. I have chosen to spend a few weeks in the Dominican Republic and I love it! Here the sun shines, it’s hot in the air and just in front of my feet I have miles of white sandy beaches. I know there are many out there who think Valentine’s Day is not a funny day, especially those who don´t have a partner.

My best advice to anyone who has broken up from a relationship, is sad or want to move on with their life is to travel, I have always said that. You feel so much better when you traveling! So how do you survive Valentine’s Day while traveling solo?

Öken i Abu Dhabi

How you survive Valentine’s Day as a solo traveler:

  • Stay busy during the day

Make sure to find things to do during the day. Don´t sit at your hotel room and be depressed. Be sure to make the most of the day and go sightseeing or read an exciting book on the beach. Have you met any friend on your trip, why not meet up for a lunch! However, I would advise you to NOT visit the Eiffel tower for a day like this if you are in Paris, there you will definitely find love couples.

The mosque in Abu Dhabi

Phi Phi island, Thailand

  • Avoid social media

If you don´t necessarily have to check your instagram or Facebook, I would advise you to not use social media a day like this. To see your friends who just got engaged, got children or planning their wedding together with the one they love is nothing you need to see or think about today. You are happy for them but you don´t  have to see all the romantic pictures they put up, not today.

Koh Lanta, Thailand

  • Order takeaway for dinner

How boring it may sound, you don´t want to sit in a restaurant this evening with just love couples everywhere, at least I don´t. I have no problem having dinner by myself at a restaurant, but this evening doesn´t feel so funny actually. Go to your favorite restaurant and order takeaway food instead, watch a movie on Netflix or update your blog if you have one. Have a cozy evening and enjoy the time you have for yourself!

  • Call your friends

Because you choose to travel solo, I assume you have no problem just being by your own. But a day like this it may feels a little bit lonely so I recommend you to call or text your family or friends. It only shows consideration and that is also love!

Desert safari in Abu Dhabi

  • Enjoy your life!

There is never another time in your life that you feel so free without having to adapt to someone else like now. There’s so much else to be happy and grateful for in your life so enjoy it! To me it’s Valentine’s Day and I’m sitting on one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever been to and I´m enjoying being able to do what I want in my life without anyone distracting me!

Qatar Airways business class

I hope my tips can help you get through Valentine’s Day though you are on your own. Make the most out of this day!

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Happy Valentines Day! <3
// Charlotte

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