Today my Throwback goes to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia! I was here in March 2016 and really liked the city. Nice people, not expensive at all and a lot of things to see and do here, that suits me perfect! Here you will find what I did in Kuala Lumpur, hope you get some inspiration when you will visit the city.


me at the Petronas towers

You can read about my adventure up in the Petronas Towers here.

me with the blue prints of Petronas towersan image of the Petronas towers at night My top 3 rooftop bars in Kuala Lumpur that I been writing about before and that you have to visit can you read here.

me at the entrance of the steps to Batu caves in Malaysiame at the base of Petronas TowersYou can read more about my trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and find a lot of more pictures from there. Have you ever been in Kuala Lumpur, what did you think about the city?

Have a safe flight!


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