As a flight attendant, I have been through many different types of people. We are all different and behave different but there are some things you absolutely should NOT do onboard. I have listed them all one by one. Please, have this in mind next time you travel. 



If you don´t want to be blacklisted at the airline, get a killing eye from the cabin crew then you should read My 20 Things you should NOT do onboard an aircraft. 


1. Don´t click with your fingers

Don´t click with your fingers if you want a flight attendants attention. You will definitely not get any help.
Just ask nicely instead! 🙂

2. Don´t Shout

Don´t shout at the cabin crew when you sit in your seat. They hear you and know you are there but please have in mind that onboard an aircraft it is often stressful and there are many things that has to be done simultaneously. Also, you are not alone on board. There are at least 100 more passengers who also want the cabin crew´s attention.

3. Don´t go to the toilet during the service

The absolutely most annoying on-board for the cabin crew are that passenger want to get through the flight attendants with the trolley during the service because they need to go tot the toilet. Try to make your needs before boarding the flight or after the flight attendants are finished and it is free of time. Conclusion: Don´t go to the toilet during the service!

4. Don´t change your seat before everyone is onboard

I know, you didn´t get the seat you wanted or you want to change to sit next to someone and you are not alone about that. But please, PLEASE wait to change your seat until everybody is onboard the aircraft. I´m 99% sure someone would consider swapping their seat with you, but you don´t know it until everybody is onboard and found their own seats.

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5. Don´t order to many drinks at one time

I have been through it many times. Passengers order five drinks at one time. It takes time, I can say! Please, maximum of 2 drinks is enough, I promise, the crew won´t disappear from the flight. You can always push the call bell if you want more drinks later. Conclusion: Don´t order unnecessary many drinks at one time

6. Don´t stand in the galley and stare

There are passengers who “just want to stretch their legs,” or do yoga exercises. Certainly, you should do it, but please, don´t stand and stare for too long at the cabin crew in their kitchen, 5 minutes is enough. They are just doing their job. How would you feel if somebody is staring over your shoulder at your work for a long time? Well, i didn´t think so.


7. Don´t cut your nails

Don´t cut your nails onboard the aircraft. I’ve seen it many times and it´s not nice. If you haven´t had time to do it before the flight, I think you can wait until after the flight.

8. We are not babysitters

Flight attendants are not babysitters. End of discussion. If you have taken your children with you, then you can also take care of them. Yes, sometimes the flight attendants think it is fun to show the children around the airplane and how it looks like but don´t think the Flight attendants are babysitters, we aren´t. We actually have a job to do.

9. Don´t paw on a Flight attendant

Never paw on a Flight attendant. Yes, it has happened to me many times. Never pinch a Flight attendant in the butt, you can get blacklisted and never been able to travel with the airline again. Don´t jerk the Flight attendants arm or throw garbage in their faces. Show some respect!

10. Don´t go around barefooted

Do you walk around barefoot in an airplane? Don´t do it, you have no idea what’s been on the floor before, or how to clean the toilet is. Whatever you do, never walk around barefoot in an aircraft.

11. Not saying “Hello” or “Thank you”

It is so simple but apparently so difficult to say “Hello” and “Thank you”. You always say hello to the cashier, why not say hi when you step on board the aircraft, it’s so much nicer then! A “Thank you” is not hard to say, and it means more than you think to the cabin crew. So please, be more humble when you are traveling 🙂


12. Don´t throw trash on the Cabin Crew

Don´t throw trash on the cabin crew, you can always put your trash in the seatpocket in front of you meanwhile. Give the trash to the cabin crew later when you see them walking in the aisle collecting trash. I promise, all airlines are doing that.

13. Don´t put your feet up anywhere

Don´t put your feet up anywhere, on the passengers seat in front of you or on the window. No one wants that someone else puts up his bare feet on your desk, then don´t do it on board either. It’s disgusting!

14. Don´t say: “What do you have”

Don´t tell me as soon as the Flight attendant ask you what you want; “What do you have” ? There will always be advertised out where you can find the menu on board, usually in the seat pocket in front of you. So please have a look in that before you ask the Flight attendant”What do you have?”

15. Don´t listen to the safety briefing

Respect the cabin crew that does their job by looking, listening and keep up with the safety briefing that is shown. Who knows if something happens on your particular flight, then it may be good to know where the nearest emergency exit actually is.

16. Not specify how you want your coffee

When you order coffee, please let the cabin crew know how you would like it, so the Flight attendant don´t need to ask for the hundred thousandth time if you want milk or sugar. It´s so much nicer and smoother if you initially tell us how you want your coffee from the beginning.

17. Don´t have too heavy hand baggage

Don´t ask the staff to put up your hand baggage in the overhead bin because it´s too heavy for yourself. If you can´t lift up the bag, how should the cabin crew be able to do it? Think about how you pack your bag. You can read about my packing tips here!

18. Don´t taking off your Headphones 

Please take off your headphones when the Flight attendant is serving you drinks or food. I promise, it’s not especially fun to repeat the same question over and over again just because you have the headphones on you. Remove them when you see the Flight attendant is coming to you and serving will go so much smoother.

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19. Don´t push the call-bell unnecessarily

Don´t push the callbell if there really isn´t anything. Push it only if you really need help, that’s what it is for from the beginning. Imagine if you push it again and again, and the cabin crew is getting tired of you. The time you push the callbell and actually need help, they might not be as quick as they should be to come to your seat.

20. Don´t ask for a pen

So many times I have been through that passengers ask “Do you have a pen?” Really, you travel around the world without a pen, it´s hard to believe. Tip! Always carry a pen, you need it!


Do you recognize yourself in any of the above points? If so which one?

Have a safe flight!



  1. Det där med hörlurar brukar jag anamma, det är ett bra sätt att visa respekt på. Men. Jag har ibland använt lurar med talfunktion, vilket då gör att pratet hörs bättre med lurarna i än om jag tar ur dem. Hur göra? 🙂

    • readyfortakeoff Reply

      Intressant Daniel! Min åsikt är att ändå ta av hörlurarna när flygvärdinnan serverar dig. Tycker det är trevligast så och ger mest repsekt. Tänk dig själv om du pratar med någon och den personen har lurarna på, känns inte som personen är så intresserad av vad du har att säga. Du vet ju inte hur hög/låg volym eller vad personen lyssnar på. Tycker det är trevligare om en passagerare kan ta av sig dem ett par sekunder 🙂

  2. Det mest opassande jag gör är att sätta upp fötterna på baksidan av armstöden framför när jag åker econ. Vet att det är otrevligt och att det är både svårt och extremt dyrt att köpa nya armstöd men ändå slinker forssingarna dit. Får kramp i benen annars för mina är lite, lite förkorta för att nå ner till golvet…

    • readyfortakeoff Reply

      Haha vad roligt att höra Pernilla! Du är som sagt inte ensam 😉

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