Everyone has certainly experienced how it feels to get your heart broken by the one we love. Life is unfair and I have also got my heart broken many times in my life. Therefore, with this post, I want to share my best tips on how I have done to even try to get over the one I loved and to find joy in life again. I hope my tips also can help you 🙂

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My Best Travel Tips for You With a Broken Heart

“Sometimes I don´t feel so good” is an expression l can relate to from now and then. Especially when I get my heart broken from the person I use to love, which I think many people out there can relate to as well. To even have a chance to get over the person I love, the best way for me is to travel. I get happy when I travel and I feel passion and joy when traveling.

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This weekend I will travel to Abu Dhabi to watch the Formula 1 race live. This is one of my many tips I recommend to do if you have a broken heart. Travel away and do something that makes you happy! Go with a friend or why not travel alone, that´s what I use to do 🙂

It’s not that I’m getting over someone on just one trip, don’t misunderstand me, but traveling helps me find myself and think of something else. I know it’s hard and you have no energy to try to look forward in life but try to do it despite your feelings.

Here I list my very best tips for you, which I hope can help you try to get on with life. These things helps me and makes me see life bright and fun again when I have a broken heart.

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My Best Tips To You With A Broken Heart:

1. Travel away

GET OUT THERE AND TRAVEL AWAY!! Then I mean anywhere in the world. It doesn´t have to be far away, but try to get away and get some environmental change. I think that is very important.

2. Stay busy

I try to stay busy with social activities, but above all I plan new destinations, my future and what I want to achieve in life which keeps me busy! Make sure you do things that also keep you busy 🙂

3. Write down what you feel

Write down how you feel and think, what makes you happy and what do you want to do in the future. I have written a lot and considering what to be blog posts and not. I know what I want to do in my life and my future plans within traveling, which I will present to you shortly 🙂

4. Try to be positive

I try to see positive things in all situations I’m in. One of all examples is that I can travel whenever and wherever I want, without compromising. I can move to another country for a few months or travel around the world if I want to, which I´m planning to do next year. I believe it’s important to always try to see the positive things in all situations you´re in.

My very best tips for you who are just going through a divorce or have a broken heart, I´m saying this to you: TRAVEL! Meet new people, do something that makes you happy, get some environmental change for a while. No, it will definitely not heal your wounds at once and you don´t run away from the reality, you do it to make you feel better and to find some time for yourself to see new perspective on things. It doesn´t have to be a long trip, if you live in Sweden, go to Copenhagen for a few days or why not travel to a place you wanted to travel to but never done – do it now! 🙂Nyhavn i Köpenhamn

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You have the whole world in front of you, it’s just you who stopping yourself.  Do you want to get inspiration to some new destinations around the world, I recommend you to read my travel guides here. 

Happy Travels!


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