I have previously written a blogpost where I answer all your general questions about how it is to be a flight attendant, how to become a flight attendant and lots of other tips from my time as a flight attendant that you can read more about in this blogpost. Since you also had some questions specifically about being a flight attendant for SAS, I have written this blogpost with answers to all your questions about the life as a flight attendant for SAS airline. Flygvärdinna på SAS

Questions and Answers About My Life as Flight Attendant for SAS

Are you curious about how life is to be a flight attendant, how it works and how to become a flight attendant, please read my answers to all your questions I’ve collected in this blogpost.

In addition to all questions, there was also questions about being a flight attendant for SAS airline. SAS is an airline that I’m flying, especially within Europe. I always try to travel with SAS, because I think it’s a very good airline.

In August 2013, I resigned as a flight attendant for Qatar Airways (you can read more about this in this blogpost) and instead I started as a flight attendant for SAS. There are pros and cons of everything and so, also being a flight attendant for these two airlines.

Flygvärdinna SAS

Here are my answers to your questions about the life as flight attendant for SAS:

What was the biggest difference between Qatar Airways and SAS?

The biggest difference between being a flight attendant for Qatar Airways and SAS, I would say is the working culture and cohesion among colleagues. Qatar Airways had a lot of rules during my time (2011-2013) and the smallest possible mistakes could lead to the fact that you were fired, while SAS was more open and kind to each other, both against the passengers and colleagues between themselves.

We had fun together as colleagues at SAS when we flew, something I didn’t experience in the same way at Qatar Airways. It was somehow “easier” to work as a flight attendant for SAS while a big difference between the airlines is that Qatar Airways is flying all over the world, something that SAS doesn’t do, which is to bad.

So I would say: 

  • The work culture
  • The Cohesion
  • The Destinations

Why did you change to SAS?

When I resigned from Qatar Airways, I felt that I wanted to be home and work in Sweden but still continue as a flight attendant. I missed my friends and my family in Sweden and I wanted to find a partner and preferably “look for someone in Sweden”. SAS was perfect for me when I wanted to keep on flying and I also had friends who worked at SAS.

Why did you quit as a flight attendant for SAS?

I ended because I first stepped down from a full-time job at SAS to being “timmis”, which meant that I jumped in and out when they needed staff for a flight, usually on weekends. Instead, I had another full-time job Monday to Friday 08.00-17.00 and flew on top of that during weekends.

Then I continued with this for 1.5 years until I felt that my body couldn’t take it anymore. I simply wanted to do a career on the ground, at an office and earn lots of money and have a nice title, something I wanted to bet on back then.

How many days were you off per month when you flew for SAS?

Good question, because you don’t work Monday to Friday it’s hard to say. Instead, you count on how many hours you work in a month’s total. Some months I could be free for 12 days, another 10 days or sometimes even 16 days. Depending on whether you have traveled short distances or been away for 5 days in a row. With that said, it’s not possible to count it in the same way as a “regular” office job.

How could a day look like as a flight attendant for SAS?

Really Different! One day I could start early in the morning (check in 05.20) and then fly the first morning flight to Copenhagen back and forth and then fly to Frankfurt back and forth on the same day. This is a minimum of 12 hours workday! Another day I can check in late afternoon to fly to Umeå, stay overnight there and then continue down to Stockholm the following day and then fly to Gothenburg back and forth and then to London back and forth. So one day I could fly one flight while another day I could do 5 flights.
Flygvärdinna SAS Flygvärdinna på SAS Flygvärdinna SAS

What was the best thing about being flight attendant for SAS?

Colleagues, of course! What a wonderful bunch of colleagues there is on SAS. I always had fun, on almost every flight! 🙂

How many cabin crew are you working on a flight at SAS?

If you make a flight within Europe, there can be between 5 to 6 people in the total crew. You always have 2 pilots, then you have a purser who decides on board, then depending on the aircraft type you are 2 or 3 more cabin crew in the cabin.

How do you become a flight attendant for SAS?

Enter the website for SAS and click on “Work with us” otherwise you can come directly to the application to become a flight attendant or cabin crew as it is also called by clicking on this link.

Don’t you want to continue working in the airline industry?

Both yes and no. Absolutely, it’s absolutely amazing to be in the aviation industry and in one way I’m still are, as a passenger very often. I travel full-time with my travel blog, but at the same time I would definitely like to jump in and help occasionally on an airline, but on the ground or headquarters. Not flying as a flight attendant anymore though 🙂

Are you traveling very cheap now because you have been a flight attendant?

No longer unfortunately. It’s a great work advantage when you work in the aviation industry but when you end, you don’t have access to the cheap tickets anymore. So no, today I don’t travel cheap just because I was a flight attendant before. However, I wish it had been so! 😉
Flygvärdinna SAS Do you have more questions to me about my life as a flight attendant for SAS, don’t hesitate to contact me! You can read all my previous posts from the “Flight Attendant” category by clicking on this link.

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