I often get the question who takes my pictures due to I´m traveling solo. I have previously written the post “How do I take my pictures when traveling solo” as you can read here. I feel it is a topic to reappear because I still get the question very often, so I choose to post a new and updated post as you are many who ask me how I manage to take pictures of myself when I travel solo. Here comes the answer!

El Nido, Filippinerna

El Nido, Palawan


Since I wrote the post “How do I take my pictures when traveling solo” some details have been added. I don´t take all my pictures myself. Usually I do that while I´m traveling solo but sometimes I don´t. So the question is how I do it?

Mayaruinerna i Tulum

Praslin island

Different ways:

1. Camera, Tripod, Timer 

For 99% I always use my compact camera and my big system camera on a tripod that I can place anywhere and then switch on the timer. There are different time intervals to choose from and most often I set it on 10 seconds so I have time to get to the place I want to stand at and then the camera takes as many pictures as I choose to set it on. If it takes 10 photos, usually 1 or 2 photos becomes as I want it.

I use both a stand, a tripod and now my latest addition a Gopro 3 way I bought on my last trip to use as a tool for my cameras when I take my pictures.

Nungwi beach

Nungwing beach

2. Ask a stranger 

In this post you can read about “How to Get a Stranger to Take Perfect Travel Photos on You”. I sometimes ask strangers if they can take a photo on me but I don´t ask anyone, I want to ask someone I can partly trust on but also who seems to know how to use a camera. I’ve never got a “no” when I asked if he or she can take a photo on me, never! So don´t be afraid to ask.


Yas Marina Circut Abu Dhabi

3. Meet friends on excursions 

Almost always when I go on excursions over a day I meet other travelers, mostly girls who also traveling solo. Somehow we find each other, which means I don´t think it’s embarassing to ask if they can take a photo of me, I’ll do the same back if they need help. This is one of the most successful methods I use to take better photos when traveling solo.

El Nido, Palawan

El Nido, Philippines

4. Guides 

I have had the privilege of going on some fantastic trips to new countries and cities as a guest but also as a tourist for travel agencies, tour operators and airlines. When I started blogging, I was convinced that these opportunities would never appear because I spend so much of my own money on travels (and still do!)

When I go on excursions or arrive as a guest to a host destination, I get hosts and guides that know the best places to take good pictures in their own city. They also offer themselves to take my photos, which I feel facilitates my trip. Then I won´t be ashamed to ask others to take pictures of me.

5. The perfect camera 

On my travels today I use different cameras. I use my mobile phone but also my compact camera, my big Canon system camera and my Gopro Hero 5. There are some cameras to keep track of and to all of them I have different tripods and stands. In addition, I have acquired a selfie stick that I’m careful not to show in the pictures since I personally think it looks ugly but it´s incredibly practical. These are my ultimate photo gadgets I use and I am very grateful that I can use my cameras to film and shoot myself in a professionally way, thanks to these tools.

Canon systemkamera

Lutande tornet i Pisa

If you have more questions related to how I take my photos while traveling solo, please feel free to comment below. I will answer all your questions regarding my travels!

Abu Dhabi

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Happy Travels!
// Charlotte


  1. Åh men tips om du använder stativ: köp en fjärrutlösare, så mycket enklare, slipper man springa fram och tillbaka hihi! Köpte just en ny för ca 200 kr 🙂

    • Charlotte Lundquist Reply

      Tack för tips Celine! Ja, absolut tanken har slagit mig också. Var köpte du din och vad är det för märke? Går den till alla typer av kameror? 🙂

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