We all travel due to different reasons. Some people want to get away with their families, others to the sun, some wants to be more active, some may getting married, others getting engaged on a trip but we also have the category where I would put myself in; to explore the world.

Praslin Island


I have always been traveling, since I was a little girl and as long as I can remember. Thanks to my parents, I grew up in a family where we travelled a lot. Wihtout them and their passion for travels, I may not been so into travels as I am. Thanks to that we traveled as a family I got very interested to explore the world, what´s out there and what is has to give.

Siem Reap, Kambodja


When I been traveling and experience something new in my life I can come back home and find at least 3 new destinations I want to travel to. I get so inspired when I´m traveling and that´s a feeling I love. It is when I´m traveling all my ideas are born, my creativity gets a flow and also I´m the happiest person ever when I travel the world. This is few reasons why I chose to travel.

Skattkammaren i Petra


For me, travel is a lifestyle. It is something I prioritize to do in my life and spend my money on because it gives me happiness! It´s a lifestyle that suits me.

Travel makes me happy

Other reasons why I chose to travel is also because I live in a country that is dark, grey and cold almost 8 months per year. My body and my soul feels so much better if it gets sun and heat by staying in a warm country. Also my skin is getting so much better when it gets into warmer climats and sunny weather than cold and chilly weather.

Agra, Indien

My goal

I also have a purpose with some of my trips I do. That is to visit the 7 new wounders of the world that I have written about in this post. For me a trip becomes more meaningful if it has a purpose or a quest rather than travel away somewhere just to get some sun.

The Language

Languages is something that fascinates me. Even though we all speak different languages we can understand each other and communicate in different ways. Many countries have their own langugage and that inspires me to want to learn a new langugage. Because if there is something I have lerant during my years of traveling is that langugage is a key factor. If you can speak the countries langugage your are visiting, you will get far with that. It will help you a lot and that is also a reason why i chose to travel. I want to learn and speak new languages.

Barcelona beach

Street of Delhi


I think it is interesting to see and experience other countries cultures around the world. How different all countries are, how they differ and why. That´s also why I travel, to get more knowledge about how it looks in other countries.

Kapstaden, Sydafrika


I love experiences, not only to travel to the 7 new wounders of the world or experience another countries cultures. I´m talking about travels that compliment my life and enrich me with new experiences. It can be for example experiences in form of that I travel to a destination where my best friends are getting married, and not at home in Sweden.

Red Sky rooftop bar


Punta Cana

The present

The best thing I know about traveling is that I forget what day and which date it is. Because I enjoying every minute of the destination I´m visiting. When I travel I feel so happy in my body and my soul and if there is something I have learned, it is to do what makes you happy and what you love and have passion for. For me, that is to travel! I´m the most happiest peson ever when I´m traveling around the world and no one can take that away from me.

Casinot i monaco

This is my reasons why I chose to travel. What is your reasons for traveling?

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Happy Travels!
// Charlotte


  1. Hej! Funderar på att åka till Seychellerna till min 40-årsdag och skulle uppskatta om du kunde göra ett informativt inlägg om de olika öarna, varför man ska välja den ena över den andra. Ska man boka helpension eller hur är restaurangerna? Hur åker man mellan öarna och vad kostar transport. Ja allt matnyttigt 😃

    • Hej Susanne, vad roligt!
      Absolut, det ska jag göra- jag lovar! Är dock på Filippinerna nu men har redan påbörjat mina inlägg om Seychellerna, de kommer upp inom kort! 😃

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