Recently it has been a lot of writings about the airline Air Berlin, that they are close to a bankruptcy. Few days ago, I heard the sad news that the airline now has to shut down their business for real. In other words, they have gone bankrupt and will never fly again.

A picture of the airplane while boarding

My Flight With Air Berlin

The German low- cost airline Air Berlin has been up and running for about 40 years and now, this weekend, it was time for Air Berlin to land their last flight for good. It´s very sad and I still can´t really believe it! However, I actually flew with them not long ago, which I´m very happy about 🙂 I had the honor of flying to Berlin on a press trip and flew with Air Berlin, which I had never done before. This was going to be exciting, another airline to add to my list 🙂

A picture of me holding the safety card in the plane

A picture of my boarding pass and passport

This is my Airline Review of Air Berlin:

I flew with Air Berlin from Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Terminal 2 and it took 1 hour and 15 minutes to Berlin-Tegel airport, which was a very fast and smooth trip with their Airbus 320 🙂 A picture passengers deplaning on arrival

A picture of advertisements behind the seats

Because I´ve never flown with a low- cost airline before, due to various reasons, my expectations were very low. At the same time, it would be interesting to fly a new airline and to become one experience richer 🙂 Maybe it´s not that bad to fly with a low- cost company anyway 😉

A picture of me holding a boarding pass and safety card

Air Berlin’s Airbus 320 has one aisle in the middle with 3 seats on each side. It was thin, leather seats with plenty of legroom, which made my trip very comfortable. The seats were softer than I first thought they would to be and that was really great! 🙂

A picture of the seating and passengers walking to their seats

Another picture of the seats on the plane

A picture of the window seat

Air Berlin get some plus points from me because they have red seatbelts. I think it gives a nice impression when you boarding the aircraft and see that the cabin is colorful 🙂

A picture of the tarmac from my window

A picture of the seatbelt sign

I got clear instructions that it wouldn´t be possible to check in with Air Berlin at the airport. I had to do it before I left my home,  which I found a little strange, but did as I was told to do. When I arrived at Arlanda Airport, I was looking for Air Berlin’s check-in desk. I found a ground staff at Air Berlins check-in desk and she manage to change my seat. In other words, there was a check-in desk for Air Berlin.

A picture of one of the flight crew

However, Air Berlin had no Business Class. The whole cabin was Economy Class so it didn´t matter where I was seated.

Another picture of the seats in the plane

A picture of the preferred seat written on my seat

The Aircraft Model

The aircraft was an old model of Airbus 320. As you can see on the armrest it has a built-in radio. However, you had to bring your own headphones if you wanted to use it. Neither headphones or a glass of water for that part were distributed for free of charge during the flight. Even if it is a low- cost company, I was annoyed that I didin´t even get a glass of water. Minus points from me for that unfortunately.

A picture of volume control on my seat

A view from the window when the plane during taxi

A view from my window after takeoff

Even though Air Berlin is no longer available to fly with, there are a lot of airlines still flying 🙂 I have previously written an blogpost about where to search and find affordable travels with different companies, which you can read here.

There were no TV screens on each seat, instead they had them every 5th row up in the panel above your head. They went down during the security instructions and during the flight, where Tom and Jerry appeared as entertainment program for over an hour. I picked up my book instead 😉

A picture of me in my seat

Nothing was included during the flight, you had the opportunity to buy both drinks and sandwiches if you wanted to immediately after take off. However, the flight was fast and easy and actually on time, which I always appreciate when I fly 🙂 Nice staff and comfortable seats made Air Berlin okay to fly with.

Have you flown with Air Berlin, how was your experience? For other low cost airlines, check it out here.

I have written more airline reviews of other airlines that you can read more about here 🙂

Happy Travels!

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