My Flight With SAS To and From Paris

I flew with SAS from Stockholm to Paris, a direct flight that took about 2.5 hours. Perfect for a weekend if you want to get away but not too far away. This is my experience with SAS.

a picture of my bags at the departure terminal in stockholm

Stockholm – Paris

The airport in Paris that SAS are flying to is called Charles De Gaulle (CDG). I think it’s very convenient with direct flights and I prefer to choose that if the option is available. It may be worth adding a little bit more money on your flight ticket¬†to do that, but that’s my personal thought ūüôā

a picture of my luggage tags

a picture of my boarding pass

I’m boarding my “other home” as I call it. I can spend lots of hours onboard an airplane and I will always have SAS in my heart. It’s still my old employer, for whom I have great respect and love¬†for!

a picture of the door of my airplane

a picture of the wing of the airplane from my window

The Airplane model

I’m flying SAS Airbus 320 Neo (again!). How can you see that? Well, you see it on the wings, they are very soft bent and you see it on the seats too. They are much thinner seats and they are nicely dressed in a new fabric cover.

The seats onboard the Airbus 320 Neo are divided 3-3 and have a one middle aisle.

a picture of me in my seat

a picture of the tarmac from my window during taxi

Stockholm Arlanda Airport. Of course, I choose window seat to photograph and film for you, all my readers!

a picture of my passport and boarding pass

a picture of the wing of the airplane while cruising

Paris – Stockholm

This became an unexpected trip in a positive way. To start with, SAS screwed up with my booking. There were only me in the system and not my travel buddy. On the way to Paris there were no problem at all to check in both of us but on our way home from Paris it was more difficult.

As a member of SAS Eurobonus program, I love to¬†have the option to choose the seat the same minute as the online check-in for my flight opens. If I travel with someone, of course I want to sit next to that person, but it will be difficult when that person doesn’t appear in the booking system. We headed to the airport¬†earlier than we had to. The check in staff were very friendly and helped us out.

a picture of the entrance to SAS lounge

Member Privilege

As a gold member of SAS Eurobonus program, we wanted to sit in the Gold Lounge at Charles de Gaulle before our¬†flight is taking off. Unfortunately, I got disappointed when the lounge opens at 10:00 because it’s Sunday. The boarding for our flight is 09.55. That was not¬†successful.

Worth thinking about when you’re on Charles de Gaulles is that you will cross a lot of escalators. I thought the security check was just¬†around the corner so we could go for some taxfree shopping. We followed all signs that refer to our gate. Well beyond the gate there¬†is the security check, but once you’ve gone through it there’s no duty free to shop.

My tip is to wait to go to your gate¬†and stroll around at the airport first, because apparently all stores are located before you go through the security check, not after. There I have learned something for next time! ūüėČ

a picture of the seating in the airplane

When we were boarding and scanned our tickets, the ground¬†staff says that we have been upgraded. Thank you!!! I’m so happy, at last something positive happens this day ūüôā

a picture of passengers boarding the airplane

Eurobonus Program

We get our seats on the second row¬†but unfortunately no window seat. I am still satisfied. I think it’s fun that my tips and advice I give to your readers actually works, because that’s how I live when I’m traveling. This was another proof that it works! ūüôā

This time, I think it worked out because I’m part of SAS’s loyalty program Eurobonus. There, I have level Gold and, as a flight attendant, I know that airline is upgrading passengers who are part of their loyalty program and preferably those with a higher level.

a picture of my boarding pass on my return flight

The flight from Paris to Stockholm is SAS Boeing 737-600/700 and has 3 seats on each side of the middle aisle. On this airplane there is only one aisle. It was a long time since I flew with Boeing so it was fun!

a picture of me on my return flight

As you can see, SAS has changed the seat cover on the Boeing 737 seats to the nice new fabric as of the Airbus 320 Neo has. However, the thicker seats remain here. What I know, SAS is about to dress all their seats for this new fabric cover.

a picture of a co passenger on my return flight

a picture of the inflight magazine

a picture of the models of aircrafts SAS uses

The upgrade included both food and drinks. I was very surprised that it was so good food! I like that SAS is focusing on their customers and give us a good experience on board!

a picture of my meal on board the flight

a picture of souvenirs i bought in paris

Thank you Paris for this time and I will definitely go back, preferably with SAS!

Have you been to Charles de Gaulle Airport, what did you think about that airport? Check out more about it here.

Happy Travels!


  1. Kul l√§sning! √Ąlskar flygreviewer. Har varit p√• CDG massor av g√•nger men terminalen d√§r SAS och LH flyger fr√•n gillar jag inte eller om man √•ker AF och sedan SK d√• √§r det v√§ldigt osmidigt. Kom inte med en flight till St Marteen f√∂rra √•ret d√§rifr√•n s√• fick v√§nta i √•tta timmar p√• n√§sta och d√• var jag p√• AF terminalen som tur var f√∂r den √§r riktigt bra!

    • readyfortakeoff Reply

      Tack Pernilla, vad kul att h√∂ra! N√§, tyv√§rr var jag inte j√§tteimponerad av CDG men f√•r v√§l ge den en ny chans igen n√•gon g√•ng ūüôā

  2. 2E √§r trevlig, √§ven om jag bara varit d√§r i resesammanhang en kort sv√§ng i h√∂stas (M-flygeln), p√• v√§g till San Francisco. D√§remot fick jag mig en rej√§l genomg√•ng f√∂rra v√•ren n√§r Air France visade upp st√§llet, inklusive lite lounger. Kan l√§tt t√§nka mig att spendera n√•gra timmar d√§r i lugn och ro. 2F d√§remot… nja.

    2E var det. Här.

    • readyfortakeoff Reply

      Kul l√§sning Dryden! Jag f√•r nog ge CDG en ny chans ūüėČ

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