Visit Asiatique Market and Society Lounge in Bangkok, Thailand

After our dinner at the condom restaurant we went to a new night market that have open here in Bangkok. Asiatique night market itÂŽs called and it was beyond expectations! It almost felt like I was in America. They have a cinema, many restaurants and shopping. But keep in mind that most things are copies here! But it is above all gracefully, calmly and very nice area right by the water. There is also a children’s playground with go-carts and much more. A positive surprise! 😀

Asiatique Nightmarket



They are only open 17-00 every day, so there is no point to come here during the day, can be good to know!

Society Park, Sofitel Hotel


From shopping to further a sky bar! The last to check off in Bangkok is Sofitel hotel rooftop bar called Park Society. Violent, yes sure, but nothing special if I compare with the other skybars I’ve been to during my visit here. If you have plenty of time in Bangkok is worth a drink here but I would definitely check out the other three that I have been at before this one.


Have you been to Asiatique market or the skybar at Sofitel Hotel,  what did you think about them?

Happy Travels!
// Charlotte

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