My Flight With Emirates From Stockholm to Dubai in Economy Class

I flew with Emirates from Stockholm via Dubai to Doha. I have flown with Emirates before and think they are a very good airline, among the best, actually. Have you any experience of flying with them? What do you think?



It was a long day for me, but worth all the time. It was Emirates Boeing 777- 300 which took me to Dubai. The travel time was about 6 hours, which I think is just enough time to get to the sun and heat. The flight was full, which is understandable, just before christmas. When I landed in Dubai I had all these aircraft in front of me, the big ones. It was really eye candy for me. My favorite aircraft is Airbus 380 that you can see in the picture further down in this post.
Do you have any favorite airplane, which one?


After a few hours at the Dubai Airport, I went with a new Boeing 777 to my final destination, Doha. I sat by the window so I could see the Doha skyline in the approach. Wow, what a view!

Happy Travels!
// Charlotte

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