A Day trip To Vaxholm in Stockholm Archipelago

Now that summer is in full swing, there are plenty of day trips to do in Stockholm archipelago! I spent a Saturday in middle of July going on a day trip to Vaxholm, just an hour’s boat ride from Strömkajen in Stockholm. It is a perfect day trip to do in the middle of the summer when the weather are amazing in Vaxholm. I love to go by the archipelago boat and discover new islands around Stockholm archipelago and this is a super nice trip for anyone who wants to discover more of Stockholm. Stockholm Stockholm We took the archipelago boat Nämdö which runs from Strömkajen at 09.30 and takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes out to Vaxholm with a few stops on the road. What I like about this boat is that they have a proper cafeteria where you can buy breakfast on board and eat during your journey 🙂 Stella AND you can bring your dog on board! We chose to sit on the deck outdoors to feel the fresh sea air, it smells so good! 🙂


I have a small standard round that I usually go every summer I come here. After you get off at the quay I go left towards the “town”. Here are a lot of small local shops that I like to go in and have a look. Then I follow the little pedestrian street that is here and takes right when it ends. Then you go up on a small hill that also offers cafes and several local shops, it’s super cosy here! Vaxholm

Vaxholms Hembygdsgårds cafe

This time I had lunch at Vaxholms Hembygdsgårds café which is very cozy next to the water and which I can highly recommend. Previously, I have eaten lunch at Magasinet and Vaxholm hotel. Vaxholm has many good restaurants and cafes but this is my hot tip to eat lunch when visiting Vaxholm! It is a perfect place even if you just want to have a coffee with a snack, then you have lots of pastries to choose from! Like an entire cake buffet 🙂 Vaxholm Vaxholm Vaxholm Vaxholm Vaxholm Vaxholm Vaxholm You can also come here for an afternoon drink in the sun if you rather want to do that 🙂 This is the biggest Aperol Sprits I have ever got! Vaxholm Vaxholm Then we continued the round back to Vaxholm’s quay. On the way there you will pass several cafes and small shops 🙂 Vaxholm Unfortunately, not many stores allow you to bring your dog in, but if you can carry your dog it is fine in most of the shops here 🙂 Vaxholm

Here are my tips on nice lunch places in Vaxholm!

  • Vaxholms Hembygdsgårds Café

Super cozy place right by the water. Here is also a huge cake buffet for those who want to take a coffee break instead of lunch. Vaxholm

  • Bistro Magasinet Vaxholm

From here you have a wonderful view of Vaxholm’s castle. Located adjacent to both a store and an outlet. This place has super good salads! Vaxholm Vaxholm

  • Lilla strand (earlier Kabyssen) in Vaxholm

Located right by Vaxholm hotel and is perfectly located by the water.

  • Hamnkrogen Vaxholm

Hamnkrogen is very popular and is also located just by the water, further away from the quay when you arrive with the archipelago boat.

  • Melanders in Vaxholm

Melanders in Vaxholm is the place to go if you want seafood for lunch! 🙂

This must not be forgotten when you visit Vaxholm!

  • Glass på hörnet (Ice cream on the corner)

With the archipelago boats in the front and Kastellet as a background, you enjoy your ice cream in a crispy waffle. This is the place to go for a really good ice cream! Vaxholm Vaxholm I hope my little guide can help you where to go when you are in Vaxholm on a day trip!

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Happy Travels! // Charlotte


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