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My Dream To Fly With KLM Airlines

On my bucket list there is a special destination that I have dreamed of going to for a long time, and I’m still dreaming about it. One day, this destination will become reality for me. I’m talking about Maho Beach at St Maarten! I have always dreamed of doing this by KLM airlines.

The Dream to Fly with KLM

As a flight geek that I am, it would be a dream for me to stand on Maho Beach and see the planes pass over my head and land at the airport only few meters from the beach. My big dream is that among these aircraft to see KLM’s Boeing 747, also called “jumbo” taking off and land. What a happiness that would be, but not too long ago KLM ended flying their jumbo to St Maarten and now flies with an Airbus 330. For me it doesn’t matter, I would love to fly with tis airline to St Maarten and stand on the beach and experience these magical approaches!

After watching this video, I get even more eager to plan a trip there. It will be my next destination for me to check off my bucketlist. I’ve never flown with them before, but would definitely fly with them and specially to St Maarten.

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Have a safe flight!

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