Excursions to Do around Stockholm City

Stockholm has lots of activities and attractions to offer, but there are also a lot of things to do outside Stockholm City. Perfect days for activities to do by car or why not take the opportunity to go by boat on a beautiful summer day! 🙂 Stockholm

Here are my tips on excursions to do around Stockholm!

Drottningholms Castle

Make a day trip to Drottningholm and walk around here at Drottningholms Castle with the incredibly beautiful garden located in front of the castle. The royal family moved in to Drottningholm Castle in 1981 and today the castle is the royal couple’s permanent residence. The rooms in the southern part of the castle are reserved for the King and Queen, but both the castle and the park are mostly open to visitors all year round. There is also a café with lunch service for the one who is craving for that 🙂 Drottningholms slott Drottningholms slott Drottningholms slott Drottningholms slott

The Chinese Pavillion

The Chinese Pavillion is a royal pleasure castle in Drottningholm Castle Park on Lovön in Stockholm County. The castle is counted among the royal castles and is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Inside the castle, Chinese-inspired Swedish furniture in rococo is merged with imported Chinese objects. Tickets for both Drottningholm Castle and The Chinese Pavillion can be bought together and cost 200 SEK / adult and must be used the same day, hence a perfect day of excursion. BUT you can also come here and have a walk around outside the Pavilion, that doesn’t cost anything 🙂 Kina slott Kina slott Kina slott

Haga park

Surely the Haga park is located in the middle of Stockholm City, but it doesn’t feel so when you are here due to Haga park doesn’t  look like any other park in Stockholm. The garden park is greener and more magical than any other park and here it is just as beautiful to walk regardless of the day or season. In the park there are royal castles, gazebos and pavilions as well as a very cozy café that makes it worth to come here. Haparken Haparken Haparken


If there is something you have to do in the summer in Stockholm, then it is to go by an archipelago boat out to Fjäderholmarna, only 20 minutes by boat from the city. Fjäderholmarna is a popular and appreciated destination for both Stockholmers and tourists and perfect for anyone who wants to do a day activity or enjoy the sunset in the Stockholm archipelago. Here you come to enjoy the archipelago food, crafts and culture. You will find both Rökeriet, Fjäderholmarnas archipelago tavern and the Red Cottage which are all popular dining places.


Stockholm Stockholm Stockholm


If you want to go a little further out in the archipelago I recommend to go to Vaxholm, just an hour’s boat trip from Stockholm and is a picturesque archipelago town with nice little shops, galleries, cafes, restaurants, beaches and beautiful nature. You get the best experience by going here by the archipelago boat, which adds just in front of Vaxholm hotel, where you can also eat a really good lunch or enjoy a drink in the sun. Once you are here, you have to walk around by strolling along the picturesque alleys. A must to do during summertime in Stockholm 🙂


Ulriksdals Castle

Ulriksdal’s castle is also located in Stockholm but still a bit outside the inner city (10 minutes by car) which makes it an excursion by going here, therefore Ulriksdal’s castle will be on my list 🙂 Ulriksdal’s castle is a royal castle located at Edsviken in Solna and is surrounded by both buildings and a large castle park which is incredibly cozy to walk in. Don’t miss to stop by and enjoy a coffee at Ulriksdals castle café! Ulriksdals slott Ulriksdals slott Ulriksdals slott

Rosendals garden

Rosendal’s garden is located just west of Rosendal’s castle on Djurgården in the middle of Stockholm but still far enough out, therefore it suits perfect as a day activity or excursion and will also be included on the list 🙂 Come here for a cozy lunch or coffee in the middle of all plants and flowers , which makes it incredibly peaceful to be here. At Rosendal’s café you can sit both indoors and outdoors if the weather permits. Rosendals trädgård Rosendals trädgård Rosendals trädgård Have you been to any of these places, which one or which one did you like best?

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Happy Travels! // Charlotte


  1. Flott innlegg. Jeg har lenge drømt om å besøke Drottningholm som er et av de beste eksemplarene av barokk arkitektur i Norden. Jeg elsker alt av arkitektur fra barokken. Det er også på UNESCO sin verdensarv, som jeg samler på. Jeg har også lyst til å se inne i slottet. Ulriksdal virket også spennende. Ellers syns jeg Stockholm er en flott by jeg alltid vil tilbake til.

    • Charlotte Lundquist Reply

      Vad kul Magne! Klart du ska komma till Stockholm! 🙂 Det finns massa fint att besöka utanför Stockholm, som just Drottningholm och det är verkligen värt ett besök! 🙂 Hoppas du gillar det 🙂 Kram

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