My Flight With Norwegian Boeing 737-800

Few days ago, I flew with a new airline I’ve never flown before, namely Norwegian Boeing 737-800. I’ve heard a lot about that airline, both good and bad but I have never been able to evaluate from my own perspective because I’ve never flown with them before. On this day, I flew from Stockholm to Malmo (in Sweden) going and coming back on the same day. My dream is to try Norwegians long haul distance flights sometime! 🙂

a picture of the aircraft Boeing 737-800another picture of the aircraft from the terminala picture of the airplane from another angleThis is my flight with Norwegian

The flight start very well – I got the seat 1A. I am super happy! 🙂

a picture of my boarding pass and safety carda picture of passengers getting to their seats

On Norwegian’s Boeing 737-800 there is one aisle in the middle with 3 seats on each side.

another picture of passengers in their seatsa picture of the leg room in the aircraft

Sitting in the front means a lot of leg room, I like it!

a picture of the common display screens in the aircraftanother picture of the display screens in the planea picture of the airport during taxi

a picture of the airport from the window

a picture from the window after take off

a picture of the wing after take off

I experienced the most beautiful view of Stockholm that morning. I have never seen a sunrise like this before with magic nice colors over the sky. Breathtaking view!

a view from the window of the islands belowa picture of the sunset from the window

another picture of the sunset from the windowa picture the windows in the planea picture of me looking out the windowa picture of sunrise from the plane

a picture of the clouds at sunrise

a picture of the sunrise with cloudsa picture of passengers getting off the planeanother picture of the leg room in premium economya picture of the seats in the plane

I like that Norwegian has various famous people on their flight fins. Fun to see all of them 🙂

a picture of the various tail designs of all the planes in the fleetanother picture of the wing from my windowHave you flown with Norwegian, what did you think of them as an airline? Read more about the Boeing 737-800 here.

Happy Travels!
// Charlotte

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