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Fly Emirates Airlines to Australia and Asia!

I mean HOW much cravings don’t you get to fly with Emirates Airlines now when they with their new campaign wants to highlight their long-destination flights to Australia and Asia! I have flown with Emirates myself and I can strongly recommend them as a really good airline!

Fly Emirates Airlines to Australia and Asia!

In Australia there is so much interest and there is something to do for everyone. Whether you want to surf and swim at Bondi Beach, discover the cultural in Sydney and Uluru where you find Ayers Rock, strolling around in Melbourne or snorkeling on the barrier reef, you have come to the right country.

While you’re in Australia, why not discover the kangaroos and koalas, super cool! You can also go to the west coast to the city of Perth and discover their Pinnacles in the desert and go snowboarding on sand dunes. Australia is the country with a BIG A! There is much to see and do, I promise you!

In Australia I have been in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Uluru, Perth, Byron Bay, Surfers Paradise and Alice Springs and highly recommend to go to Australia. I have also been to Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, China och Myanmar in Asia and that is also awesome!

me outside the Sydney opera house and i flew emirates airlines this timeme at the ayers rock in Australia

With Emirates you can fly to Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth och Sydney. Book your tickets to Australia and Asia with Emirates Airline here!

Happy Travels!
// Charlotte

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