How To Pack Your Suitcase

How should you pack your stuff to include everything you want ? It’s my dilemma every time …. But I have some packing instructions to share that will facilitate you. First of all, make a checklist of everything you need. (I use the notes feature on my mobile). I like lists, so I can cross them over one by one.


suitcaseHere comes My 20 Tips how to Pack your suitcase:

Good to have in your suitcase:

1. Jeans, pants, underwear, blouses, shirts, skirts, jacket, shoes and heavy stuff.
2. Start with your hygiene articles and place in the middle of the suitcase.
3. Roll your clothes! Takes minimum of space in your suitcase.
4. Make sure all clothing can be combined.
5. Select a suitcase that has the least weight to minimize weight.
6. Add up all the clothes and shoes you want to have with you, and then reduce half of it.
7. Fill the shoes with socks/ underwear or technical gadgets and put them at the edges of the suitcase.
8. Miscellaneous small items such as jewelry, you can add in a small purse/ party bag.
9. Try to minimize it to 3 pairs of shoes.
10. Don’t forget the adapter!

Creams, shampoos, conditioners you can buy at your destination. Usually included when you stay at hotels.


Good to have in your handluggage:

11. Travel documents (passports, tickets, etc.)
12. 1 setup of underwear and swimwear (in case you loose your suitcase)
13. 1 set outfit for a day and night
14. Sweater/ cardigan/ wrap
15. Mobile/ computer chargers
16. Travel adapter
17. A Toothbrush
18. Makeup
19. Your Camera
20. A Book or two 🙂

Other things that is good to think about before you leave:

  • Check that no bills are due when you are away
  • Have someone empties the mailbox
  • Upload all batteries needed, camera, cell phone, external battery
  • Make sure your plants have water or fix so someone else will take care of them
  • Check the fridge so no food is there that can begin to rot or smell
  • Check that the garbage is thrown
  • Make sure the TV, stereo, computer, lights, etc. are properly turned off
  • Make sure to have the blinds in the way you want while you are away
  • What do you do with your car and pets?


Happy Travels!
// Charlotte


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  3. Vilken bra guide du lagt upp. Kan även tipsa om att rulla kläderna när du packar mycket kläder det spar jätte mycket plats. Älskar att läsa guider och denna var riktigt bra. Tack för en bra blogg. Mvh Nilla

    • Charlotte Lundquist Reply

      Hej Nilla!
      Men tack så mycket, vad glad jag blir!! 🙂 Kul att du gillar bloggen, det gör mig riktigt glad! Håller helt med dig, att rulla kläderna spar väldigt mycket plats! 😉 Ökar dig en fin dag! Kram

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