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Many people ask me which restaurants I recommend eating at when they visit Stockholm. So, in this blog post, I will share my favorite places for breakfast, lunch and dinner in the capital, whether it’s for a weekday or weekend. I have eaten at these places myself and can highly recommend them all. Some places cost a little more than others but the experience and the flavors are worth it! Keep in mind that in some cases you may also need to book a table, especially at the dinner restaurants ūüôā



Breakfast places in Stockholm

Here I share with you affordable and really good breakfast places in Stockholm which I can recommend to go for either pancakes, chia pudding or for an avocado sandwich.

  • Nybrogatan 38 – Just as the name is called, the place is at¬†Nybrogatan 38, √Ėstermalm
  • Pom & Flora – Odengatan 39, Odenplan, Bondegatan 64, S√∂dermalm
  • Miss Clara hotel¬†– Sveav√§gen 48, City
  • Greasy Spoon – Tj√§rhovsgatan 19, S√∂dermalm, Hagagatan 4, Odenplan
  • Strandv√§gen1 – Just as the name is called, the place is at¬†Strandv√§gen 1, City
  • Fabrique – Nybrogatan 6, Rosenlundsgatan 28, G√∂tgatan 24 (is available at many places around Stockholm!)¬†
  • Broms – Karlav√§gen 76, √Ėstermalm
  • Nyko Kitchen – Nybrogatan 61, √Ėstermalm¬†
  • Mellqvist Caf√© & Bar – R√∂rstrandsgatan 4, Vasastan
  • Pascal – Nortullsgatan 4, Odenplan

Lunch places in Stockholm

I often eat lunch out when I’m in Stockholm and have tried many places, but these are still my favorites regardless of whether it is a weekday or weekend:

  • Broms – Karlav√§gen 76, √Ėstermalm
  • Tures – Sturegallerian 10, City
  • Grodan – Grev Turegatan 16, City
  • Diplomat – Strandv√§gen 7, City
  • Strandv√§gen1 – Just as the name is called, the place is at¬†Strandv√§gen 1, City
  • Sj√∂caf√©et Djurg√•rdsbron – Gal√§rvarvsv√§gen 2 (Just at Djurg√•rdsbron),¬†Djurg√•rden¬†
  • Ulla Winblad – Rosendalsv√§gen 8, Djurg√•rden¬†
  • Rosendals tr√§dg√•rd – Rosendalsv√§gen 38,¬†Djurg√•rden¬†
  • Haymarket – H√∂torget 13-15,¬†City¬†
  • Prinsen – M√§ster Samuelsgatan 4, City¬†

Dinner restaurants in Stockholm

If you are looking for Italian food, I can recommend booking a table at Stockholm’s latest and most trendy Italian restaurants, namely:

  • Ciccio‚Äôs – Nybrogatan 21, √Ėstermalm
  • L√°vventura¬†– Sveav√§gen 77, City¬†
  • Eataly – Biblioteksgatan 5, City

If you want more French inspired food, go to one of these places:

  • Brasserie Balzac – Odengatan 26, Vasastan
  • Restaurang Bardot – Ingmar Bergmans gata 2, √Ėstermalm/City
  • Lilla ego – V√§stmannagatan 69, Vasastan¬†

If it doesn’t matter what kind of focus on food you are looking for, or if you are looking for a really good hamburger, pasta, meatballs with mashed potatoes or a well-made entrecote, I can highly recommend these restaurants:

  • Hillenberg – Humleg√•rdsgatan 14, √Ėstermalm/City
  • Riche – Birger Jarlsgatan 4, City
  • Kitchen and Table – Kungsholmsgatan 31, Kungsholmen¬†
  • Den gyldene freden – √Ėsterl√•nggatan 51¬†
  • Nyko KitchenNybrogatan 61, √Ėstermalm
  • Paraden – Valhallav√§gen 147, Karlaplan
  • Strandv√§gen1 – Just as the name is called, the place is at¬†Strandv√§gen 1, City

Drinking places in Stockholm

It is always nice to have a drink before the food and you do it best if you come in pretty good time, due to it usually gets crowded on all outdoor terraces when it is good weather in Stockholm. I suggest you arrive around 17 o’clock if not even earlier for best spots.

During summer time I love to visit rooftop bars that are in Stockholm but also the terraces that are opening up more and more around here. Perfect when the sun is shining and the temperate is hot outside! These are the places I highly recommend to visit for a drink in Stockholm:

  • Bank terrace¬†– Arsenalsgatan 6, City
  • Hallwylska – Hamngatan 4, City
  • Orangeriet – Norr M√§larstrand Kajplats 464, Kungsholmen
  • TAK – Brunkebergstorg 2-4, City
  • Stockholm under the stars¬†– Brunkebergstorg 2-4, City
  • The terrace at Grand hotel¬†– S√∂dra Blasieholmshamnen 8, City
  • Dramatenterrace¬†– Nybrokajen 2, City
  • Strandv√§gen1 – Just as the name is called, the place is at¬†Strandv√§gen 1, City
  • Str√∂mterrassen by the Opera¬†– Str√∂mgatan 14, City
  • Hotel Diplomat – Strandv√§gen 7
  • Lydmar hotel¬†– S√∂dra Blasieholmshamnen 2
  • Arnolds – Biblioteksgatan 21, City
  • Nobis hotel – Norrmalmstorg 2-4, City
  • Scandic Continental – Vasagatan 22 (see picture below)

These are the places I go to for either a drink, breakfast, lunch or dinner in Stockholm and can strongly recommend every place, otherwise I wouldn’t have mentioned them ūüôā



Have you been to any of these places, which place did you like best?

If you have a dog and want to know which places in Stockholm that accept dogs, I have written about it here:

Happy Travels!
// Charlotte

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