My Best Packing Tips!

You have probably heard and read lots of tips on how to pack your suitcase in the smartest way or received tips and tricks to get as much as you can in a small suitcase. I have also written a lot of packing tips that you find here but in today’s blog post I want to share how I think and do while I pack my suitcase, which I hope will make it easier for you who have difficulty packing your suitcase.

Packningstips Resväska

How I pack my Suitcase – long or short time

As soon as I have booked a trip or decided with a client for a trip, I can’t help but go straight to town and look for clothes that may be suitable for that particular destination. As soon as I get my booking confirmation for my flight, I start to think about what to pack with me, whether the trip is to take place in a week, a month or three months ahead. Every day until about three days before departure I have a little bit of thought about what to bring and actually I write everything down on a note with things I need with me so I don’t forget when it is time for me to pack my suitcase.

Packing of suitcase

I would say that for several weeks I mentally thinking of what I should pack with me and what outfits I should wear for different purposes but it is not until three, maybe two days before the actual departure that I take out my suitcase and physically put all my stuff in there.

Then I bring out EVERYTHING I want with me and I can say that there is a mess of clothes and gadgets everywhere at home on the floor. That’s how I do it, I go through my clothes and pick out what I want with me and put in different piles and then it will be there until the next day. The next day I go through everything, ie shoes, dresses, etc and start to clear what I really need to have with me and not. It may also happen that I create a new pile which I name as “maybe pile”. It is at this stage that I also take the opportunity to fold my clothes or roll them together and put them neatly and organized in my suitcase.

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Pack the day before departure or far in advance?

I would say that I mentally pack my suitcase looooooong in advance but physically I do it all from five days to the day before departure, although it is rare that I do it the day before so at least three days before departure my suitcase is packed and clear. I will get panic to pack the day before the actual day of departure, it has happened but I haven’t felt good about it inside my soul.

How are you as a person, do you like to pack your suitcase in advance or the day before departure? 🙂

Happy Travels!
// Charlotte

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