My Best “Unpack Your Suitcase” Tips!

Do you easily have anxiety when you get home from a trip and know that you have to unpack your suitcase at some point even though you don’t have the time, the desire or the energy to do it? Then you should continue reading this blog post because here I will give you my best tips when it comes to unpacking your suitcase after coming home from a trip!

Straight away or wait

There are two types of ways to unpack your suitcase, either you are the type like me and do it at once, almost immediately after coming inside the door to have it done or you are the type that leaves your suitcase  in the middle of the floor day after day and never really find that opportunity to unpack it.

Well, I am a person who loves to have everything organized, not least in my home and therefore I unpack my suitcase as soon as possible after I get home, preferably at once but it also depends on what time it is. If I come home late at night, I leave my suitcase untouched until the day after so I have new energy. Because yes, it is a project to unpack your suitcase, at least I think so!

If I coming home in the afternoon, I usually unpack my suitcase at once to have it done. Then I have all the time and I can calmly get it done while my TV is on in the background as a company or I bring a glass of wine to sip on while I unpack, it makes it easier!

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My Tips!

  • Make sure you have time to get involved in your unpacking. At least take an hour to pick everything out, go through what is dirty and not, but also to be able to go down to the basement with your suitcase, which I think is the hardest part of the whole moment.
  • Put on nice or peppy music that makes you happy!
  • If you have a suitcase that is double sided, which mean, you can pack on two sides, then I would systematically start with one side and unpack it first and then take the other side. One page at a time, which actually facilitates your unpacking and makes it not feel as hard as you think.
  • Would you rather put all the contents in the suitcase on the middle of the floor and empty the whole suitcase in two seconds, well do it that way if you prefer. Then you have a big pile to go through garment for garment, which I’ve also tried to see what I prefer but I got more anxious about this way as I like to have everything organized so I prefer to have everything left in my suitcase and I can pick out garments after garments from there when I unpack but as I said, there are different options to do this on.
  • My best tip is to unpack your suitcase as soon as possible when you get home, otherwise it will be easy for the days to roll on and the laziness to take over. In the end, you no longer see your bag even though it is in front of you all the time. It simply becomes invisible. I would get anxious every time I see my bag lying there unpacked with wet bathing suits and dirty clothes in it.

In order to save myself both anxiety and always thinking “I should” when I see my suitcase lying there in the middle of the floor, I do it only at once! I know, it’s easier said than done but I promise you, you will feel absolutely relief afterwards when you have unpacked it and everything is stowed away!

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I hope this blog post can help you unpack your suitcase the next time you feel it is a bit slow on that front or simply want to read through my tips again to be inspired to get it stowed away 😉

What kind of person are you, the one who unpacks your suitcase at once or leaves your suitcase a few days before you do something about it?

Happy Travels!
// Charlotte

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