Almost every new year, I have spent abroad by either staying in Shanghai, Bangkok, Krabi or Doha, not to mention New York, which may be the coolest place I’ve spent New Year’s Eve on! Of course, it has happened sometime that I stayed in Stockholm and celebrated New Year, but I prefer to travel away instead. Do you also want to celebrate New Year’s Eve abroad but don’t know where? Here are some tips on destinations to go for celebrate the New Year!

My Dream Destinations for Celebrating New Year

If you’re just like me, aspiring to travel over New Year, there are many cozy weekend cities to do it in Europe. Why not go for a few days to Paris or London, which is apparently the hottest destination of the year to celebrate New Year’s Eve, according to the Swedish travel magazine Allt om Resor. 

New York

New york


One of my favorite destinations I highly recommend to spend New Year’s is in NEW YORK! It is so far among the best New Year’s celebration I’ve been to. Standing in the middle of Times Square (with 1 million other people) and seeing the apple fall at countdown were magical and really cool to watch. However, count with a lot of people and strangulation, cold and a lot of waiting but it’s so worth it in the end! Certainly the best new year celebration I experienced! 🙂

If you don’t want to stand on Times Square with the crowd, you can also see the apple fall from any of the nearby rooftop bars available. Here are some example of my favorite rooftop bars in New York! 


If you want to celebrate New Year’s on a warmer latitude, I can also recommend Thailand (which I know many travel to). I have celebrated New Year in both Krabi (last year) but also in Bangkok more times than I can remember. You don’t have to be at a beach or at a resort, Bangkok is at least as good if not even better to celebrate in New Year’s Eve. Here you have lots of rooftop bars to watch fireworks from and if you want some tips you can read my Top 3 Best rooftop bars in Bangkok here!

Bangkok new year


Otherwise, I recommend going to Central World Plaza in Bangkok where it is blocked from car traffic so people can celebrate new years on the streets along with performances, foodstuffs and a lot of jippos around 🙂 Be prepared for a lot of people and congestion. You can also go to the Asiatique shopping market which is along the river Chao Praya river. There is plenty of space here, there are shopping and restaurants as well as a tivoli for small children and it is not that crowded. The best thing here is that everything is outdoors!


I have also celebrated New Year in Sao Paulo in Brazil and Doha in the Middle East but there was nothing special about any of the cities I thought. In Doha there are not even fireworks, so much of the New Year’s Celebration falls there I think. Celebrating the new year, I think fireworks have to be included to look at and to get the right feeling, but that is my opinion 🙂

My Bucket List Destinations for New Year:


Some destinations I really want to celebrate the New Year at some time of my life and that is high up on my Bucket List is Dubai and watch the fireworks sprinkle out from Burj Khalifa. I have seen it on TV many times and one day I want to stand there on New Year’s Eve and see it with my own eyes. Even though I have been to Dubai many times, I would love to go back and not at least over New Year 🙂

Dubai burj khalifa


Likewise, I also want to stand by the water at Sydney Opera House and look out over the Sydney Harbor bridge to see the fireworks sprinkling from the bridge. I have been to both Dubai and Sydney, but never on New Year’s Eve, which is high up on my Bucket list.

Sydney harbour bridge


Certainly, I was just in Hong Kong just a few months ago, but to celebrate New Year in Hong Kong, I think would be really cool and if I’ll go there sometime again, I’d rather do it in connection with New Year’s celebrations from, for example, a rooftop bar in Hong Kong or down at Victoria Harbor where music is also played. If you want tips on rooftop bars in Hong Kong, I have listed my favorites in this blogpost 🙂

New year Hong Kong


For a long time I have been dreaming of going to Rio and one day I will, due to Rio is very high up on my Bucket list. I was thinking, why not combine the journey into the new year in a warm and beautiful Rio on Copacabana beach, with experiences such as visiting the Jesus statue that I have wanted to see for so long! 🙂


Moscow may be an odd place to celebrate New Year in, but the fact is that I have wanted to go to Moscow for so long to visit the Red Square there. I have also heard that their New Year’s celebrations on the Red Square is really good, although it’s incredibly cold, I want to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Moscow and on their Red Square sometime in my life 🙂

New York new year

Have you celebrated New Year at any of these destinations, which one and what did you think?

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Happy Travels!
// Charlotte


    • Charlotte Lundquist Reply

      Wow, så häftigt och vad avis jag blir!!! 😀 Vad det lika häftigt som man föreställer sig?

  1. Vilket bra inlägg och verkligen aktuellt. Alla jag känner pratar om vart man skall resa och göra på nyår. Har firat både i Hong Kong och Rio men blev riktigt sugen på Dubai. :))

    • Charlotte Lundquist Reply

      Tack snälla Angelica, kul att du gillar det! 🙂 Ja, Dubai tror jag är otroligt häftigt faktiskt just över nyår 😉 Åker du dit får du berätta sen hur det var! 😀

  2. Jag var 2011 utanför Burj Khalifa och det var läckert med alla raketer som sköts ut som rinnande ljus i alla färger. Galet mycket folk och inte helt enkelt att ta sig därifrån efteråt. Förra året var jag i Sydney men pga av mindre lyckad planering hamnade jag på fel sida om avspärrningarna i området runt bron som sattes upp ganska tidigt på kvällen. Visserligen kunde man se lite ändå men hett tips är ändå att anlända tidigare på dagen. 🙂 Jag föredrar också värme framför kyla och i år blir det Singapore.

    • Charlotte Lundquist Reply

      Wow vad häftigt att du har upplevt dessa destinationer över nyår! 🙂 Står som sagt på min Bucket list 😀 Kul med Singapore i år, tror det också är riktigt bra nyårsfirande där! Trevlig resa!

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