My Stay at Smiles Beach Hotel in Zanzibar

This time I chose a hotel that was on the north part of Zanzibar, Nungwi. I wanted to stay on the beach at Nungwi beach and I managed to get a room at Smiles Beach Hotel in Nungwi. I was in love at the first second¬†I arrived. I really wanted to make use of my time on the beach and at the pool this time, just reading books and take it easy ūüôā

This is the view from my balcony and I really can’t complain! Totally amazing! ūüôā

Breakfast with this view, I won¬īt say¬†no to. This particular morning it was windy so I sat under the roof, otherwise I always sat at the table right in front of me so I could really feel the sand between my¬†toes while I had my breakfast.

On the north side, at¬†Nungwi it¬īs tidal so in the morning there was no water and you couldn’t really swim close to the hotel. If you wanted to do that¬†you had to go out a bit. As you can see, even the boats are on the beach. However, this lasted only a few hours. At¬†noon the water was back ūüôā

I really want to come back to this island. This time I was here for a very short time so next¬†time I want to¬†stay at different places in Zanzibar. This time I prioritized the beach, peace and quiet and a little adventure. I wanted to consciously not rushing around to different places. I would rather come back and discover the other parts on the island next time ūüôā

Have you been to Zanzibar? Where on the island did you stay? Maybe you should try this hotel when you visit Zanzibar. Read more about the hotel here.

Happy Travels!
//  Charlotte

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