My Ultimate Travel Guide For Singapore

Here are my Top 10 BEST Sightseeing tips to you who will be traveling to Singapore. In Singapore there is always something do to for everyone at any age. Just remember that all the streets are very clean, due to that it is forbidden to throw garbage at the streets. If you do that you can end up paying at lot fot it!

My Sightseeing Tips for Singapore!

a picture of a hotel in singapore

Here are my Top 10 Sightseeing Tips for Singapore:

1. Marina bay sands
2. Merlion Park
3. Orchard Road
4. Clark Quay
5. Raffles Hotel
6. Sentosa Island
7. Chinatown
8. Gardens by the Bay
9. Universal Studios
10. Singapore Flyer

1. Marina Bay Sands

The famous hotel that looks like a ship. How cool is this architecture! It is hard to miss when you’re in Singapore and it is well worth a visit to the top of the ship where you have an amazing view over Singapore. It’s in this hotel the famous inifintypool is located. Remember to be here early in the morning to get a good sunbed, it quickly becomes full here!a picture me at a rooftop pool at my hotel

a picture of me at the waterfront

a picture of tourists sitting on a rooftop

a picture of my hotel

2. Merlion Park

This statue is called the Merlion Park and is Singapore’s landmark. Here it is nice to stroll around and enjoy the atmosphere. Here comes many tourists!

a picture of me at the fountain at Merlion Park

another picture of the fountain at Merlion Park

3. Orchard Road

Orchard Road is the most famous main shopping street in Singapore. Here you will find everything from luxury designer brands to markets under the ground at the street. There is shopping for everyone! If nothing else, it’s fun to walk this street up and down. There is lots of people everywhere, both tourists but also local people. Here you find H&M, Zara, Hollister, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Forever 21, Ralph Lauren and lots of shopping malls located at this path.

a picture of the street sign of orchard road

a picture f brightly lit christmas tree

a picture of the entrance to the shopping mall at Merlion Park

a picture f tourists walking around in Merlion Park

4. Clark Quay

Clark Quay (pronounced Klarkie) is an area with a lots of bars, restaurants and nightclubs. It fits well suited to go in the evening then it is like a “party street”. They are also open at noon for lunch service but is far less busy then.

a picture of me at the entrance of Clark Quay

a picture of the interior of Clark Quay

5. Raffles Hotel

When you are in Singapore, it is a must to drink Singapore Sling. This is best done at the Raffles Hotel, due to it´s best known for that drink here!

a picture of the raffles hotel

a picture of a cocktail

a picture of the interior of a bar

6. Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island is an island full of tourist attractions. Here you can swim at the beach, enjoy after beach club atmosphere, go to museums, cable car ride, swim in the gigantic water park, play golf and go to Universal Studios. A large island with attractions for all ages.

a picture of a sculpture at Sentosa Island

a picture of cable cars

a picture of the view of Sentosa Island from the cable cars

a picture of tourists at a swimming pool

a picture of me at a beach in Sentosa Island

7. China Town

Chinatown is a popular area with many Chinese people and tourists. Here you will find everything from knick-knacks capable to local “hole in the wall” restaurants. Sit down, have a beer and soak up the atmosphere and all the life going on around. Nice to stroll around here.

a picture of a store in China Town

a picture of tourists in China Town

a picture of me in China Town

a picture of tourists sitting at a cafe in China Town

8. Gardens by the Bay

This is Singapore’s newest tourist attraction. A cool park that lights up the giant trees and it feels like you are in a fairytale setting. A different park is simply worth visiting, precisely because it is so unique.

a picture of the tree towers in Gardens by the Bay

a picture of the walkway at the Gardens by the Bay

9. Universal Studios

Universal Studios can be found on the island of Sentosa Island and is a great amusement park. If you go here, make sure to put in a full day, you gonna need it!

a picture of the entrance to Universal Studios

a picture of minions at Universal Studios

a picture to the entrance to jurassic park

10. Singapore Flyer

A giant Ferris wheel in the middle of city. From here, you get wonderful view of Singapore!

a picture of the Singapore Flyer

a picture of Singapore Flyer from across the water

a view of the city from the top of the Singapore Flyer


11. Fullerton Hotel

Fullerton Hotel is a luxurious and the most finest hotel in Singapore. Even if you don’t stay at the hotel, you can walk around and see how the hotel looks like. Don’t forget to go up to the roof terrace and look out over the city. I do recommend having lunch here!

a picture of the Fullerton Hotel

a picture of the pool at Fullerton Hotel

a picture f the interior of the restaurant at Fullerton Hotel

a view of my hotel from Fullerton Hotel

Have you been to Singapore, what did you think about the city? Check out more about travelling through Asia here. 

Happy Travels!
// Charlotte 


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