How To Spend One Day in Stone Town at Zanzibar

My plan for this trip was to start 1 day in Stone Town, the capital of Zanzibar and after that going to a resort for relaxing on the beach and other excursions on Zanzibar. I recommend making a visit in Stone Town for one day, either at the beginning of your trip or at the end of your trip. One day is enough and personally I think it´s a must when you’re here. Best of all is that it is just 10 minutes by taxi from the airport!

a fruit seller in his stall

This is what you must see when you are in Stone Town:

  • The Old Fort (Ngome Kongwe)
  • The Slave market
  • Mercury House
  • Darajani Bazaar (The colorful market)
  • Stroll around the streets in Stone Town
  • House of Wonders (Beit- el- Ajaib)
  • Forodhanipark

Stone Town

Thanks to Destination Zanzibar I got a private guide for a whole day which took me around Town. At 09.00 my guide Taib came to my hotel and met me at the reception. He’s incredibly talented and skilled guide. (He was also a private guide to Prince Charles when he was staying in Zanzibar). I learned a lot from him which was very interesting to know about this place. We started already at 9:00 in the morning and walked around for nearly 3 hours. There were many new experiences for me and exciting to see all the sights here 🙂
a street in town

a man with a cart

a small vegetable shop

houses and building on a street

a door to a house

windows on the buildings

entrance to the Swahili House

a street and vegetable sellerDarajani Bazaar (The colorful market)

chickens at a chicken shop

meat stall with chickens on display

vegetable seller arranging his stall

people buying fruits at a fruit stall

some exotic local fruits

sour soup fruits

street life in the market

a small grocery shop with vegetables

stacks of eggs

bananas hanging on display for sale

Did you know that there are 16 different varieties of bananas? I had no idea about that. One of them is red bananas!

banana market

vegetables on display

sea food market

octopus and squid at the sea food market

wooden beds for sale

The Slave market

entrance to the former slave market site

guide showing the chambers were they used to hold slaves

Here you see Taib, my guide for the day from Destination Zanzibar. I can highly recommend him if you want a private guided tour inside the Stone Town!

chains on display used to hold slaves

a picture of me standing outside a chapel

church service in progress

a sculpture depicting slaves on display for auction

sculpture of slaves in chains

tower of a church and a mosque side by side

a picture of me on a street

tourists walking around the streets

scooters parked

local artwork on display for sale

entrance to another church

street full of shops

picture of another street

Mercury House

mercury houseThe Old Fort (Ngome Kongwe)

picture of a fortHouse of Wonders (Beit- el- Ajaib)

picture of a house of wonders

picture of cannons at house of wonders

gate of house of wonders

Forodhani Park

a garden in stone town

Have you been to Stone Town? What did you like best here?

Happy Travels!
// Charlotte


  1. Vi missade nog en del av dina “måste se” tips när vi var där för ett gäng år sen, men det var ändå spännande att komma dit! 🙂

    • Ja det var mycket spännande att vara där. Det bästa är att man kan åka tillbaka och upptäcka det man inte gjorde sist ?

  2. Ja det var mycket spännande att vara där. Det bästa är att man kan åka tillbaka och upptäcka det man inte gjorde sist 😉

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