Pool Day at Marriott Hotel in Doha, Qatar

My trip to Doha meant lazy days lying in the shade by the pool most of the time. Otherwise its shopping. This time, I stayed at the Marriott Hotel located near the airport, it is very easy to get to. Marriott offers good pool area and they also has a private beach. Unfortunately, it’s just too hot to stay in the sun, hence there was not much beach for me this trip. I was mostly in the shade. 41 degree heat takes your energy!



Sunset in Doha

There sunsets are stunning from the hotel! The sun goes down around 6 in the evening and shows its best side. Really beautiful!

dohaMarriott dohaMarriott doha

The view from my hotelroom 🙂

Marriott dohaMarriott dohaMarriott dohaMarriott doha

One of the days there was a sandstorm from Saudi that passed over Doha. A little scary because I never experienced it during the three years I lived in Doha. The lower picture was taken the same morning of the sandstorm swished past in the afternoon.


Villaggio Shoppingmall in Doha

So we decided that afternoon to head over to a shopping mall instead. We took the car and went to the biggest and most famous shopping center here in Doha. It’s called the Villaggio mall and has all sorts of shops and restaurants. Both basic clothes brands but also a separate section for all luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Cartier, etc so there is something for everyone in this shopping center.

dohavenice shopping theme in the mall

Inside Villagio mall, you can take a boat through the shopping center for those who want to get the feeling of being in Venice.

dohaMarriott doha

Have you been to Doha? What do you think of this city? Check out where to shop in Doha here.

Happy Travels!
// Charlotte

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