As a luxury travel blogger with extensive experience traveling all over the world, I feel confident in saying that travel destinations don’t get much more luxurious than Singapore. I’m not sure if my multiple blog posts gave it away, but I seriously do LOVE Singapore. For a country that is roughly the size of New York, Singapore has so much to offer—and with its small size paired with its efficient public transit system, an epic adventure is more than possible.

After winning the lottery by playing Lottoland lotteries here, you’ll totally have the budget to indulge in all of the over-the-top experiences money can buy.

Party on a Yacht

Yeah, that’s right. Plan a party on The Royal Albatross and you’ll be sailing in style. You could also be spending a good chunk of those lottery winnings depending on the package you go for—we’re talking upwards of about $27,000USD or £23,970 for a 10 person party and that doesn’t even include drinks.

Sleep in the Ocean

With some extra cash in your pocket, you could book a stay at Resorts World Sentosa. Check out the Ocean Suites for around $3,700USD or £3,300 per night. The suite is actually A two- storey townhouse with a view of the land from an outdoor patio and a jacuzzi on level 2, plus an underwater view of 40,000 fishes on level 1.

Eat and Shop then Shop Some More

It would really be quite easy to blow loads of your lottery winnings in one of Newcastle Magazine’s must visit spots in Singapore—Chinatown!

Hungry? No problem. Nestled amongst the narrow alleyways you’ll find Chinatown Complex Market & Food Centre, where you could sample all of the food you want. The multicultural nature of Singapore (mostly, Chinese, Malays, and Indians) makes for a delicious selection of foods.

Rich in history, this bustling Chinatown area also hosts important cultural landmarks like the Thian Hock Keng temple – which literally translates to Palace of Heavenly Happiness — and some stellar shopping opportunities.

Why limit yourself when you don’t have to? I mean, you won the Lottoland lottery, right?! You could easily try all the foods, visit all the palaces, and buy all the clothes, art, and keepsakes with your winnings.

Universal VIP

Live large like a celebrity with VIP passes to Universal Studios. This priority access experience will give you 5 hours of spoil —easier access to the best rides, your own lounge, food vouchers, and guaranteed access to all of your favourite characters. This experience will dip into your lottery winnings by about $224USD or £199 per person over the age of 13.

Spend on a Spa Day

Maybe slowing down and taking a break is more your style. You could check out Aurgia—a dreamy spa located at Capella Singapore on Sentosa and nestled in the rainforest.

Why not spend $300USD or £270 of your lottery winnings on the Lymphatic Drainage package. It sounds totally dreamy, described as “An ideal treatment to stimulate circulation, eliminate toxins and reduce fluid retention throughout your body. This treatment is incredibly soft to the touch and uses gentle movements along the natural elimination pathways of your body’s lymphatic system.” Yes, please!

With your Lottoland lottery winnings, there’s no reason why you couldn’t get super boujee in one of the most boujee tourist destinations on the planet. Singapore is an incredible country with a wide variety of luxurious spots to throw down your cash and have an absolute blast doing it. It’s not every day that you’re able to tick so many high-end experiences off of your bucket list. Live large, love life.

Happy Travels!

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