My Flight With Qatar Airways From Stockholm To Doha

Now it’s time for me to fly again! This time the flight will take me be back to my second home, I had for a time in my life, Stockholm to Doha, Qatar. I’m going for few days to visit old friends and to get some more sun and heat. It’s always fun to be at an airport, it happens so much all the time!

my boarding pass from stockholm to doha

Stand by tickets

Got my seat already in the check-in, very nice! Otherwise, I always have to wait until the last passenger, that’s how it is to travel as a standby passenger. Sometimes you get lucky! 🙂

me with my boarding passme at my gate to board

qatar airways airplaneqatar airways

Qatar Airways Dreamliner Boeing 787

qatar airwaysqatar airwaysqatar airways

Qatar Airways Business Class. One day I’ll sit here when I fly with them! Looks incredible luxury!

qatar airwaysqatar airways

Economy Class with Qatar Airways

Instead, I have to sit in their Economy class. Their seats are divided 3-3-3 with two aisles.

qatar airwaysqatar airwaysqatar airways

Air China was parked outside us at Stockholm Arlanda Airport and became my view during our delay…

qatar airways

Far away you can see the runway at Stockholm Arlanda airport as we just took off from.

qatar airwaysqatar airwaysqatar airways

The most beautiful view !!! A summary and rating of the airline Qatar Airways will soon be up on my blog, stay tuned!

Happy Travels!
// Charlotte


  1. readyfortakeoff Reply

    Standby biljett blir det automatiskt nÀr du bokar som anhörig eller vÀn till nÄgon som Àr anstÀlld i bolaget och reser pÄ den förmÄnen. Annars gÄr det inte att boka standbybiljett.

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