My Ultimate Travel Guide for Paris, France

Paris is the capital of love! I have spent a weekend in Paris and thought to give you My Top 10 Best Sightseeing Tips on what to see and do in Paris for a weekend. I would have liked to go to the Champagne district but unfortunately there was no time so it’s still on my bucket list, maybe next time 🙂

a picture of me at the Eiffel tower

a picture of a cloth map souvenir on a street in paris

This is My Top 10 Best Sightseeing Tips For Paris:

1. Eiffel Tower

If there is something you just need to see when you´re in Paris, it’s definitely the Eiffel Tower! This is the most beautiful building I have seen. It is worth seeing the Eiffel Tower during both day and evening. Buy some baguettes, strawberries, a bottle of champagne and sit on the lawn in front of the Eiffel Tower and enjoy a wonderful picnic. If you haven´t been up in the Eiffel Tower, I recommend doing that! 🙂 You can read more about my tips for the Eiffel Tower in this post. a picture of me at the Eiffel tower

a picture of Eiffel tower across the bridge

a picture f the Eiffel tower at night with the lights on

2. Louvre

Perhaps the most famous museum in the whole world is called the Louvre or Le Louvre as the local people say. It is at least the largest national museum in France and most visited throughout the world. Here lived Napoleon once upon a time, and inside the walls you will find the most famous painting ever; Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting “Mona Lisa”.

a picture of the square and glass pyramid at the Louvre

a selfie of me outside the Louvre museum

another picture of me outside the Louvre museum

a picture of tourists outside the glass pyramid at the louvre

3. Arc de Triomphe

Arc de Triomphe is a monumental arc. It is located on the top of Avenue Champs Élysees in the middle of a very busy roundabout and it is very difficult to get over to the building. I recommend walking under the road in a tunnel, to get into the Arc de Triomphe, if you want to get up at the top of it to get a panoramic view of Paris. From here you can enjoy views of the Eiffel Tower and the rest of Paris.

a picture of me at the Arch de Triomphe

a picture of the Arch de Triomphe

another selfie outside the Arch de Triomphe

4. Sacré Coeur

Sacré Coeur is a Roman Catholic church, located a bit north of Paris. I would not say it’s walking distance to it as it is for anything else in Paris. I recommend to take a taxi or take the metro to get here. When you are here, it feels like you are in the Old Town, there are many cozy cafés and restaurants and lots of souvenir shops. From here you have an unbeatable view over Paris, due to it is located at the highest point in Paris.

a picture of Sacré Coeur

a picture of me on the stairs of Sacré Coeur

a picture of tourists sitting at the Sacré Coeur

a picture of the view of Paris from the Sacré Coeur

5. Notre Dame

Notre Dame is a very nice cathedral in Paris. Maybe you’ll recognize it from the movie “The Ring in Notre Dame” 🙂 If you have time, go inside the cathedral and see how beautiful it is. If nothing else, it’s worth taking a picture when you’re outside this beautiful cathedral. It’s powerful!
a picture of me outside the Notre Dame

a picture of Notre Dame at night

a picture of the entrance of Notre Dame at night

a picture of Notre Dame in the day

6. Take a Champagne break

You will certainly walk around a lot, and I really mean a lot 🙂 Quench the thirst with a stop at Ralph Laurens restaurant “Ralphs” or on a brasserie that is everywhere along Paris streets and drink champagne. Why not order oysters at the same time? You ARE in Paris 😉

a picture of two glasses of champagne on my table

a picture of me holding a glass of champagne

a picture of champagne and oysters at my table

another picture of me with a glass of champagne

7. Sightseeing boat on the river Seine

Do you feel that you’ve done everything in Paris or is it the first time you’re here? Regardless, I recommend taking a boat tour on the river Seine. There are many different sightseeing companies that offer this and you will easily find them when you are in Paris. We started our trip right outside the Louvre. A very tourist thing to do and cozy too! 🙂 a picture of Eiffel tower from the sightseeing boat on the river Seine

a picture of me on the sightseeing boat on the river Seine

a picture of tourists on the sightseeing boat on the river Seine

a picture of a building in Paris from the sightseeing boat on the river Seine

8. Have breakfast in Jardin du Luxembourg garden

If you want to do something really cozy in Paris, you should visit the Luxembourg Garden or Jardin du Luxembourg as the parisian people say. It is a park in central Paris, located between the Latin Quarter and Montparnasse, and is popular for both tourists and Parisians. The garden is centered around the Luxembourg Palace and in front of it there is an octagonal fountain. Here you will find outdoorcafés and plenty of chairs available. My tip is to buy your own breakfast and sit down on the lawn and enjoy the environment that surrounds you. This is a wonderful, nice garden!

a picture of Jardin du Luxembourg garden

a picture of me with the Jardin du Luxembourg garden in the background

a picture of me standing in the Jardin du Luxembourg garden

a picture of me in front of the pond at Jardin du Luxembourg garden

9. Galeries Lafayette shopping center

Galeries Lafayette is a major shopping center in Paris. Perfect to go to if the weather is not so good for sightseeing. There is a separate shopping center, one for women and one for men. It´s practical in one way so both of you can shop at the same time but a little sad due to I want to shop with my partner. But what a wonderful building, incredibly beautiful inside the shopping center. You can not believe that from outside, but this is a “Wow!” feeling, definitely worth a visit even if you don’t want to shop!

a picture of the glass roof of the Galeries Lafayette shopping center

a picture of the interior of the Galeries Lafayette shopping center

10. Padlock on the bridges

It is known that many love couples hang a padlock on the Pont des Arts bridge and throw the key in the River Seine. With a total weight of 45 tons, the Parisians have had to cut off all the padlock on the bridge when it gave way. Instead, many fastened padlocks on other bridges around Paris. You will be surprised and fascinated by how many padlocks it actually hangs on the bridges. I have never seen so many padlocks in one place. Fun to see and why not propose when you’re here 😉

a picture of Padlocks on the bridges

a picture of me with the Padlock on the bridges

a close up picture of the Padlocks on the bridges

a picture of me walking on the street

If you don’t want to walk around Paris, there are many other options to discover this city. For example, Hop on Hop off bus, boat, metro or taxi. I always recommend taking a Hop on Hop off bus that drives to all places in Paris that I have written above.

a picture of the map of Paris with famous landmarks to visit

Have you been to Paris, what did you like most?

Happy Travels!

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