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Readyfortakeoff – Travel blog with luxury focus!

Hello and welcome to Readyfortakeoff – a travel blog with focus on lyxury travels!

Do you want to know how to travel in a luxury way to an affordable price? How it is to fly in Business Class with different airlines or which luxury hotels that are worth staying at around the world? Or how can you as a solo traveler can travel in a luxurious way?

Readyfortakeoff is aimed to those who wants to travel in a exclusive way, in premium style and who can afford to travel around the world, regardless if you traveling solo, as a couple or as a family. Here you will find tips on exclusive hotels, tips on how to manage being upgraded to Business Class when you flying with different airlines or how you dare take the step to travel by yourself. Readyfortakeoff has grown to be one of the most popular travel blogs in Sweden!

  • 2019 I became the Top 10 Travel Profile influencer of the year nominated by Swedish Nomads!
  • Summer 2018 Skyscanner named me as one of Top 10 Best Swedish Travel Bloggers! You find the article here 🙂

Who is Readyfortakeoff?

My name is Charlotte Lundquist and I’m running this luxury travel blog www.readyfortakeoff.se. I have traveled by myself for over 10 years besides my full time studies and full time work and started Readyfortakeoff as a hobby in addition to my full time work few years ago. In 2009, I moved to Shanghai to study and a year later, I moved to Doha, Qatar to work as a flight attendant, all on my own. As you understand, travel is my biggest passion in life! 🙂

During autumn of 2017, I resigned from my well paid job in Sweden, to transform Readyfortakeoff into my own company and now I’m traveling as a solo female around the world as a full time job. Today, the world is my workplace and it’s incredibly fun! Maybe you already following all my luxury travels on Instagram, if not I strongly recommend you to start doing that 🙂

I write and refer only to places, destinations, airlines and hotels that I visited myself, flew with or stayed at. That’s what distinguishes this luxury travel blog from many others, namely, that I’m transparent to what I’m writing. What you see and read is what I have experienced myself, nothing else.

Flight Attendant

I have previously worked as a flight attendant for several years for both Qatar Airways and SAS (Scandinavian Airlines System) and thanks to the work as a flight attendant, I have seen many destinations around the world. Despite that, I still have many places left to discover and that’s what I’m doing right now!

If you want to cooperate with me or advertise through me, you are welcome to contact me at contact@readyfortakeoff.se or via the contact form.

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Happy Travels!
// Charlotte