Readyfortakeoff has been awarded to Sweden’s best travel blog 2021!

Blood, sweat and tears. Yes I have spent many hours to make this travel blog as good as possible. Even though corona has come in between and unfortunately made me unable to “deliver” in the same way, I do my best to keep my travel blog alive and continue to inspire you to eventually want to discover the world with my tips! 🙂

Jag blev så glad när jag läste på som utser de bästa bloggarna inom olika kategorier och de skrev så fint om min reseblogg. De har utsett MIG och READYFORTAKEOFF till Sveriges bästa reseblogg 2021! Jag är så stolt över mig själv och blir så glad när jag ser detta. Allt slit och hårt arbete lönar sig verkligen! 🙂

I was so happy when I read on which selects the best blogs in different categories and they wrote so nicely about my travel blog. They have named ME and READYFORTAKEOFF as Sweden’s best travel blog 2021! I’m so proud of myself and I’m so happy when I read this. All the hard work really pays off! 🙂

You will find a translation into English below: 




The 5 best travel blogs 2021

We have picked out the best travel blogs. Take a good look at these blogs and let yourself be tempted and inspired by all the wonderful destinations.

What are travel blogs?

A travel blog takes you to different destinations and describes them. Here you get tips on hotels, sights and where you can eat and drink. Some packing tips and other practical advice are common.


“The former flight attendant Charlotte has worked at both Qatar and SAS, but since a while back she is instead a full-time traveler. She often travels alone and she travels a lot. On the blog, Charlotte writes about everything from packing tips and hotel reviews to what it is like to travel with a dog and how to find the coolest rooftopbars at high altitudes.
Ready For Take-Off is a nice blog with good and well thought out blog posts that could be published on any international site. However, it is already international because Charlotte also has an English-language version of the same blog”.

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Happy Travels!

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