Tickets are ready! One tip is to pre-book tickets before the day you want to go up. We took a chance that we could go up the same day, but I would still recommend you to pre-book them when you are here. It´s time to get up to the top in Petronas Twin Towers! Can´t wait! 


Petronas towers

Petronas towers

Petronas towersPetronas towersPetronas towers

I´m here! What an awesome view it is from above! I´m enjoying every second of it!

Petronas towersPetronas towersPetronas towersPetronas towersPetronas towers


Petronas towersPetronas towersPetronas towers

You can play with the monitors that are available up here. Hold up your ticket to the TV and move your hands sideways and you will see what happens 🙂

Petronas towers

It´s really high up!

Petronas towers

What a day it´s been! Have you been up here, what did you think about it?

Have a safe flight!

/ Charlotte

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