Our Stay at Marriott Courtyard in Agra, Taj Mahal

One dream for me has always been to visit Taj Mahal in India and now that dream came true. We decided to stay at the Marriott Courtyard in Agra which is only 5 minutes by car to Taj Mahal and looked very nice. We wanted to stay at a hotel that is as close as possible to Taj Mahal. So it would be easy to get there and we also wanted a hotel chain that we recognized. That’s why we booked at the Marriott Courtyard.

A picture of the swimming pool at the marriott courtyard When we checked in at the Marriott Courtyard for two nights we got upgraded to their executive suite with a poolview. As soon as I stepped into the lobby of the hotel, the staff there were very friendly. I am very impressed with the architecture the hotel has. Their style is completely what I like. It’s clean, fresh, has glass doors everywhere, white marble and big surfaces. Lovely sofa groups to sit in and the details of the water fountains that are in the lobby that makes this hotel extra nice.

A picture of the lobby at the marriott courtyard

A picture of the lobby and front desk

A picture of the seating lounge in the lobby

The lobby lounge from a different view

A picture of the lounge chair with the fountain behind it

My Upgraded Suite

As I step into our room, I got that “wow” feeling! I can´t remember getting upgraded on a hotel before, so it felt extra fun! One room consists of a living room with sofa, armchair, desk and TV. It is also from here we have the pool view.

A picture of the living room in my suite

A picture of the living room and dining space in my suite

A picture of the welcome presents from the hotel

At the desk, I got the world’s finest welcome gift from the Marriott Courtyard. The hotel has pictured my travel blog profile on paper and on white chocolate they have depicted Swedish money and a high-heeled shoe that are made in chocolate. What a welcome! I was thrilled about this little gift! 🙂

A picture of a huge bed for me

The bedroom is in a separate room and is big with a lot of space around. A very comfortable bed and lots of wardrobe space, which I like!

Another picture of my bedroom with nice artwork on the wall

A picture of the shower and wash in my bathroom

A picture of balloons and towel filed in the shape of swans by housekeepingA picture of the bath tub in my bathroom

A picture of my bathroom from another angle

A picture of towels and bathroom products in my bathroomA picture of my presents and a view of the pool from my windowA ready for take off custom chocolate present for me


Of all the hotels we looked at, we thought the Marriott Courtyard had the best pool, as we both wanted to have time to hang out at the pool and just relax. That’s why we chose Marriott Courtyard and we were not disappointed. Great pool and plenty of sunbeds, it was even empty sunbeds though we were many people at the pool during the same time sometimes. I really liked that some sunbeds are located in the middle of the pool so you can jump in directly from it and cool down 🙂

A picture of the pool from my window

A picture of the pool from another angleA picture of the pool from a side angle

A picture of sun beds that go over the water in the pool

THE SPAA picture of the spa entrance and its staff

The Marriott Courtyard also has a SPA department, which includes a facial massage if you book their executive suite. There are also two massage beds next to each other if you want to have a massage together.

A picture of the seating lounge at the spa

A picture of the spa bed

A picture of the room with two spa beds

A picture of the treadmills in the gym

The Courtyard by Marriott also has a large gym with a variety of machines and weights. Use your key card and you can work out at any time of the day 🙂 The best thing about this is that you have a pool view, which makes you feel motivated to exercise and then cool down with a swim in the pool. It won´t be a better motivation than that 😉

A picture of the gym with the weights and machines

A picture of games room with a pool table video games and table tennis

As many families come here for a night or two, there is also a playroom for all children with a variety of things to do, such as billiards, tv games and table tennis.

A picture of the breakfast buffet area in the restaurant


Even the food here was amazing! They offer a large breakfast buffet each morning. Unfortunately, I’m not a big breakfast lover so there was not much for breakfast for my part, which is too bad because the hotel had A LOT of food to choose for breakfast. You will not go hungry from here, I can promise you that!

A picture of me with a balloon with a message written on it for me

You can also choose to have dinner in the restaurant or in the room. We chose to eat at one of their terraces and the staff were very service minded. They were super friendly and really wanted to make sure we had the best evening! We tried of course Indian food because now we are here in India we want to try real Indian food 🙂 We were served 3 course dinner with Indian inspiration straight through. Very nicely arranged!

Dinner table arranged for us on the roof

A picture of my friend and I drinking wine before our dinner

Another picture of my friend and I having wine on the roof

A picture of the pickles and small eats before dinner was served

A picture of my friend and I with the hotel staff

I never believe in my entire life that I have experienced such a good service as I did at the Marriott Courtyard in Agra and can recommend staying here a 100% if you are going to see the Taj Mahal. Here is me and my travel blog friend Pernilla who have the travel blog www.utochspring.com together with Marriott Courtyard’s PR and marketing manager and hotel manager.

A picture of me in the pool

Have you been to Agra in India? Where did you stay?

Happy Travels!


  1. Hej! Hoppas på att kommande inlägg handlar om din upplevelse i första klass ?
    Tack för en bra blogg!

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  3. Staffan Lindqvist Reply

    Mycket fint hotell.

    Vi var i Västbengalen i September och Oktober. Vår resa började i den stora indiska metropolen Kolkata. Kontrasterna är brutala. Det ses elegans och rikedom sida vid sida med förfall och bottenlöst elände. Efter den chocken flög vi vidare upp till norra Västbengalen och Himalaya. Vår plan var det att först besöka Darjeeling. Till sista stund var det mycket osäkert om det skulle vara möjligt. Under hela sommaren hade det varit generalstrejk i området runt Darjeeling. Den lokala Gorkhabefolkningen kämpar för att få en egen delstat i Indien. Först när vi hade landat i den lilla flygplatsen Bagdogra vid Himalayas fot fick vi besked om att strejken var över. Fem bilar väntade på vår lilla resegrupp för att ta oss upp på bergsvägarna till de vackra teodlingarna i Darjeeling. Genom den långa generalstrejken kommer det att ta lång tid för plantagerna att bli produktiva igen. Vi såg flera tecken på konflikten som utbrända bilskelett och stängda teplantager. Det gick även inte att åka med det berömda smalspårståget ”Toy train”. Ändå är jag glad att vi kunde komma upp till Darjeeling för det är mycket vackert. På 2100 m höjd ligger staden på branta sluttningar. Utsikten över teplantagerna och kullarna är enastående. Sedan fortsatte vi till Sikkim och Bhutan. Du kan se ett par bilder på min facebooksida eller här: https://www.flickr.com/photos/132136103@N03/

    • Hej Staffan, wow vilken upplevelse du verkar ha varit med om! Häftigt ändå att se hur det fungerar i andra länder när något sådant händer. Hoppas ni fick en underbar resa iallafall 🙂

      • Staffan Lindqvist Reply

        Ja, tack. Det var en fantastisk resa. Speciellt Bhutan fascinerade oss enormt.

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