I have just returned from one of my favorite cities in Europe, namely Barcelona. In this post, I want to share my travel tips to Barcelona, what you need to see and do and a secret tip that not many people know about. This is a “wow” experience! 🙂 Barcelona is a city I can come back to several times, there is always something new to do and explore! 🙂
Park Guell Barcelona

My Ultimate Travel Guide to Barcelona

I have been to Barcelona several times and really like that city. What I like most is the contrasts Barcelona offers with everything from beach to shopping to hiking in the mountains – all in the same city. In addition, the temperature is warm and comfortable far into autumn and already in early spring. In fact, I would say that Barcelona is the perfect weekend break during fall and spring! 🙂

Bunkers el Carmel Barcelona
Bunkers el Carmel Barcelona.

Me at Bunkers el Carmel Barcelona

Here is My Top 10 Best Travel Tips For Barcelona:

1. La Boqueria

La Boqueria Barcelona
La Boqueria Barcelona.

La Boqueria is a market beyond the usual. Here you will find a wide range of fish, fruits, nuts and cheeses. An incredible market worth visiting. I came here every morning and bought my breakfast consisted of fruit and juices for a cheap penny! La Boqueria is located right next to La Ramblas pedestrian street, approximately in the middle of the long pedestrian street and it’s hard to miss once you pass it. You will understand why when you come here 😉

Me eating strawberrie at La Boqueria Barcelona
Fruit Stalls.

Only €1.50 for a fruit salad Fruit market at La Boqueria Patisserie at La Boqeria Fish market at La Boqueria Barcelona Tourists walking around and a lot of shops Spice shop at La Boqueria Barcelona A lot of candy to buy at La Boqueria Barcelona 2. Have a walk at La Ramblas 

Tourists walking around at La Ramblas Barcelona

When you are at La Bouqeria, I recommend you to walk up or down the famous pedestrian street namned La Ramblas. Most to have done it then I think it’s a charming pedestrian street. Although it´s very “touristy” I think it’s a must to have done it. It was here that terrorists drove into the crowd a while ago and there is a memory place left after that and lots of police officers walking around everywhere. I felt very safe when I went around Barcelona, not just at La Ramblas but everywhere!
The sun shining on me at La Ramblas Barcelona People leaving flowers at a memorial at La Ramblas Barcelona

Me sitting at a fountain at Barcelona Plaza
Barcelona Plaza.

Me walking through the Barcelona Plaza square

Tourists waiting in line at an ice cream truck at La Rambla Barcelona

Lady arranging candy at her store at La Rambla Barcelona

Two policeman walking on duty at La Rambla Barcelona

3. Watch out for pickpockets Me sitting again at the fountain in Barcelona Plaza

Wherever you go, be careful for pickpockets. Especially in Barcelona and especially at La Ramblas. Barcelona is famous for pickpockets and you can easily get rid of your handbag. Therefore, be very attentive as you walk on the streets of Barcelona and most preferably on the famous pedestrian street of La Ramblas where most people get rid of their bags, it is widely known. As a woman, it’s great if you have a shoulder bag and for men, I recommend wearing tight pants with pockets that are difficult to get in. Preferably wear a jacket with zip over the pockets.

Sign on a building saying La Rambla

A picture of me at La Ramblas Barcelona

My tip is to have 2 credit cards with you. One you leave hidden in your bag at the hotel and one you carry with you in your handbag / pocket while you’re out in town. If the accident occurs, you still have a backup card left in the hotel so you can survive. Don’t bring your entire wallet, pick out the cards you really need! 🙂
A picture of me eating ice cream with an amusement park in the back

4. Casa Milá 

A picture of me on the roof of Casa Milá

Another picture of me with the sculptures of Casa Milá

A full view of Casa Milá from across the street

A picture of the atrium of Casa Milá

Another sculpture on the roof of Casa Milá

5. La Sagrada Familia 

Picture of me with La Sagrada Familia in the back

When you’re still touristing, I would stroll from Casa Milá to La Sagrada Familia, the ongoing renovated church that never gets finished. It is not far from Casa Milá and you just have to walk the same street all the way between these tourist buildings, very smoothly!

However, I have never been in the church since there are always huge queues to come in and I have never felt that I had the time to do that. I would count with few hours here if you want to go inside the church due to a lot of queues. Be sure to set aside time and come early in the morning!
A picture of me with La Sagrada Familia being renovated Me taking a selfie at La Sagrada Familia A picture of La Sagrada Familia Barcelona Me taking a selfie in the sun at La Sagrada Familia Another picture of me with La Sagrada Familia

6. Parc Güell 

A picture of me on the steps of Park Guell i Barcelona
Park Güell.
A picture of me looking at Bunkers el Carmel
Bunkers el Carmel.

Parc Güell is one of the most beautiful parks in Barcelona and is also designed by Gaudi. I’ve been here before and think it’s a fantastic nice park that I highly recommend to visit. The entrance costs 8 Euro (Sep 2017) but is really worth it, if nothing else just for the design!
A picture of me with the full view of Park Guell Me at the top of Park Guell A picture of me at the top of Park Guell A picture of me sitting down to rest at Park Guell A selfie with the sun shining on me A picture of the view from the top of Park Guell Park Guell Barcelona A picture of me with a lot of tourists at Park Guell

7. Bunkers – El Carmel

My secret tips when you are in Barcelona is to visit Bunkers – El Carmel Observatory. Write this down on a note! When I arrived here, there were not many people here, but just when I left there were many local people and some travelers who also found this place. This really was something out of the ordinary! 😀 I was completely taken and incredibly glad I went here. From here you get a panoramic view of Barcelona! 🙂 Really beautiful!
A picture me posing at Bunkers el Carmel Me looking at the panoramic view of Barcelona from Bunkers el Carmel

A picture of tourists at Bunkers el Carmel

A picture of me with the city behind me from Bunkers el Carmel My tip is to go here by taxi for about 6 Euro from Park Güell to Bunkers – El Carmel. It is very close to each other. If you are good at public transportation and know how to get around in Barcelona, bus V17 is the one you take to get here. However, I took it from Bunkers – El Carmel back down to the city. End station is Port Vell with lots of stops on the road. The bus costs 2.15 Euro (Sep 2017).

Me sitting on the edge at Bunkers el Carmel Beautiful sky above Barcelona Another view of this amazing city from Bunkers el Carmel A picture of this big city from Bunkers el Carmel One last picture of me enjoying the view from Bunkers el Carmel

8. Watch the sunset on the beach 

A picture of me with the W hotel at Stranden BeachIf it’s somewhere you’ll watch the sunset in Barcelona it’s from the beach I think. The beach is incredibly beautiful when the sun is going down and the colors that reflects in W hotel and the surroundings give a such beautiful light. It’s an experience to watch the sunset from here and don´t go until it’s really getting dark so you don´t miss all the colors that occur.
Me sitting on the beach with the W hotel in the back A picture of me walking on the beach A picture of me with tourists enjoying the beach behind me A picture of me pointing to the W hotel Kids and tourists on their hover boards

A picture of me sitting at Solnedgång

Picture of sky and palm trees during sunset at Solnedgång

9. El Corte Ingels at Plaza Catalunya 

A picture of a glass of wine on the roof of El Corte Ingles BarcelonaIf there is any viewpoint you have to visit, it´s the top of the department store El Corte Ingles in Plaza Catalunya. From here you can enjoy a fantastic view with both snacks and a glass of wine if desired. I was here in the middle of the day but have heard that the sunset from here is incredibly beautiful! 🙂
View of the square and fountains from the roof of El Corte Ingles

A picture of me enjoying there view from El Corte Ingles

10. Hang out at the beach daytime 

Me hanging out at the beach on StrandenIf you have time left, I recommend hanging on the beach for a day, bring a towel and just enjoy the sun. I saw many swimming in the water and if not else, eat lunch at one of many restaurants located either on or just next to the beach. Have an afternoon ice-cream and just enjoy the atmosphere, the environment and the people around you.
A view from a bar at the beach Me walking on the beach bare feet Me having a good time walking on the beach

Me in my sunglasses at the beach

A picture of the gelato I am having at the beach

Other things I want to do in Barcelona next time I get there:

  • Tibidabo
  • Montserrat
  • Watch the magic fountain Montjuic

A picture of Barcelona Plaza

I found this Barcelona trip the day before I left. It was a very spontaneous trip. Read my blogpost How I find affordable flight tickets and hotels here and What companies I use when I find my trips!

A picture of me having champagne at the W hotel BarcelonaA picture of me with the beach behind me at W hotel

Have you been to Barcelona, what did you like best?

Check out my page on travel tips.

Happy Travels!


  1. Åh vad jag längtar till Barcelona när jag ser dina bilder. Vi har aldrig varit uppe vid Bunkers – El Carmel, dit ska jag absolut åka nästa gång vi åker till Barcelona. Vilken otrolig utsikt! Min absoluta favorit i Barcelona är taket på Casa Mila, det var så otroligt häftigt. Men jag kan verkligen rekommendera att gå in i Sagrada Familia någon gång när du är där. Jag brukar oftast inte ha tålamod att stå i köer utan brukar nöja mig med att se de flesta sevärdheter från utsidan, men insidan av Sagrada var helt fantastisk!

    • readyfortakeoff Reply

      Vad roligt Ann-Louise, klart du ska åka till Bunkers- El Carmen nästa gång du besöker Barcelona! 🙂 Det är verkligen fantastisk utsikt därifrån! Ja, jag får försöka ta mig in i La Sagrada Familia kyrkan nästa gång jag besöker Barcelona 😉 Det står nu på min Bucketlist! Hehe… Kram!

  2. Thank you, Madam ! Always a nice smile !

    “Those smiles unto the moodiest mind
    Their own pure joy impart;
    Their sunshine leaves a glow behind
    That lightens o’er the heart…”

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