Are you flying on a vacation and are a little bit nervous or stressed about the flight? Do you think is hard to know what to pack and hate packing? Calm, I’ve written a step by step guide to you that I recommend to follow next time you are about to fly. If you follow these steps, I promise you will not feel stressed next time you intend to fly.

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10 Tips For You who Are Flying

I have previously written the blogpost 10 things I never travel without that you can read here and that I hope will help you with your packing. I also hope these tips will help you not to forget anything while packing your stuff.

In this post, I want to share my best tips for you who will fly in general, regardless of airline or destination. Even if you are a regular traveler or first time traveler, there are few things that may be helpful for you to get a peaceful and lovely start of your vacation. Otherwise see it as a nice reminder to yourself 🙂

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1. Packing list

Write a packing list! It sounds boring but it´s so good to have! Write down exactly what you want to bring with you, from toothbrush to your favorite shirt.

2. Don´t stress

Whatever you do, don´t stress! Do one thing at the time and focus on what you do.

3. Be in time

Arrive to the airport earlier than you expect. I recommend to be 20 minutes earlier than you are planning to be, you will thank yourself later for that. You never know what can happen on the way. And if not, you won´t be stressed!

4. Things you care about

In addition to a packing list, write down on a note the most important and necessary things you are afraid to forget, such as passports, sunglasses and money. Write it on same packing list or on a separate post- it note and put up on your door!

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5. Extra clothes

Always pack an extra set of clothes in your hand luggage with a pair of underwear, pants and sweaters or a dress and a set of swimwear if the travel’s purpose is sun and bath. If you don´t get your luggage, you can at least manage one extra day.

6. Hand luggage

Pack everything of value in your hand luggage, such as a computer, camera, any charger for various technical gadgets. If you don´t get your luggage, you will regret leaving your things there, I promise!

7. Breath

Do one thing at a time in a calm way and breath! Before moving on to the next step, think about whether you have everything with you, such as children, luggage, passports, boarding passes, handbags, and yourself 🙂

8. Painkillers

Buy headache pills if you haven´t already packed that. Always good to have close to you.

9. Extra plastic bag

At the security check I ALWAYS take with me 1 extra plastic bag to have my liquids in. The existing one I use tend to be dirty, disgusting or actually break after one trip.

10. Money

If you haven´t already done it, take out some money in a ATM machine at Arlanda Airport. After the security check, I exchange money at Forex to the currency of the country I will travel to, in order to have their currency when I land, for example a taxi.

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I hope my tips above can help you enjoy your vacation next time you intend to fly!

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Happy Travels!
// Charlotte


    • Tack snälla Ann- Louise! 🙂 Ja visst är det bra att göra såhär så kan man iallafall försöka undvika att något går snett…

  1. Toppentips! Det är verkligen ett pyssel med detaljerna, men jag skriver också ner exakt varenda liten pryl jag behöver på min packlista, likaså vad som ska vara i den incheckade väskan och vad som ska vara i handbagaget. Bra att kunna återanvända listorna sen också!

    • Charlotte Lundquist Reply

      Tack snälla! Exakt! Ja, superbra att kunna återanvända listorna vid senare resor 😉

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