Abu Dhabi Video is Now Up on My Youtube channel

The latest in the “blog world” is that pictures is about to become boring to see in a blogpost nowadays. Instead it´s all about movies that is becoming more and more popular, a so-called “vlog”. If you want to become something today you have to videotape your travels and experiences, either you want it or not. That’s how I feel if I want to become something I’m not today with my travelblog. Probably I’m the last one doing this, it feels so, but everything takes time and I want to do this in a proper way that’s why I started now to videotape my trips.  As I wrote earlier in this post What kind of camera should you bring on a vacation I describe my feelings regarding this.

Saadiyat beach club

Abu Dhabi Video is Now Up on My Youtube channel

I’m so proud that I for the first time managed to videotape and edit a movie from my trip to Abu Dhabi, my first video! This has taken maaaany hours to do but I feel so proud of myself doing this by my own 🙂 This has been a challenge for me to videotape my trips and cut all material, add lyrics, sounds, transitions, insert still images and get a red thread throughout the video. I don’t like to jump between different times, I’m a little perfectionist, I know that.

Desert safari in Abu Dhabi

Note to myself:

I have learned to videotape landlord and not as a portrait, which I figured out in the middle of my trip to Abu Dhabi. This video contains both, so you just have to accept that 😉 In addition, it may be a little long but I wanted to get everything I did during my trip. In addition to that, you are welcome to come up with tips, ideas and opinions – I want to be as good as possible on this! 🙂 Next time I will also speak in my videos 😉

Here you go my travel friends, here comes my first Youtube video from my experience in Abu Dhabi and the Fomula1 final race that I watched live! 🙂 Please, subscribe to my Youtube chanel here for future videos


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