My 6 Flight Hacks For Finding Cheap Flight Tickets

If you want to be able to travel frequently but not spend too much money on the flight ticket itself, here are my hacks to find cheap flight tickets, whether it is in economy class or business class. With this blog post I will describe how I do to travel smarter and how to find those cheap tickets that takes me around the world. Believe me, this is something I’ve learned from all my traveling that I now want to share with you: My hacks how I manage to find affordable flight tickets 🙂 Business Class Lufthansa

Here are my 6 best tips on how to find affordable flight tickets:

1. Use a search engine for flight comparison

Comparing the price of flight tickets at different airlines is a basic factor that I always do first and foremost when looking for a trip. This is really step one to get an idea of what the price may be. I do this at several different search engines available today where you can compare flight tickets at different airlines. If you are going on a long trip, a flight comparison site can be good where you can see what alternatives there are with stopovers and how long your stops will be. It’s always good to get an overview by using a flight comparison site I think.

Here I have written a blog post about which booking sites I use to compare flight tickets.

2. Go to the airlines’ own websites

Then I go to the airlines’ own website and see what a ticket would cost if I book directly with them, without any intermediary who the search engines are if you book through them. Here you can save money as the search engines usually charge different fees, such as admin fees, credit card fees, etc. They also need to make money somewhere, which is perfectly understandable.

3. Fly on the week’s cheapest day

If you are flexible with your trip, you can save lots of money by choosing the cheapest day to fly on and that is Tuesdays and Saturdays. These days have for many years always been the cheapest day to travel as many would rather choose to travel on Fridays over a weekend or Sundays which is the “return day” for many. If you can also be flexible with flight times, the cheapest tickets are usually between five and seven in the morning and after eight at night. Norwegian

4. Book single trips

It has happened to me a few times that I booked a one way trip going to a destination with one airline and the returning way with a completely different airline due to the flight tickets became much cheaper to do so than having booked a round trip ticket with the same airline. It’s also worth checking out! 😉 Then search for “Single way” at the various flight comparison sites or directly on the airlines’ own website.

5. Sign up for email

This is something for everyone who likes to travel to pay attention to! Sign up with your email address to all the airlines you usually fly with and / or want to fly with. This way, you get information about when that particular airline has promotions or rearrange flight tickets on their websites and they may have some competition where you can win a trip or flight tickets. You can also, for example, get advance information when a campaign will start and then you can be alert to look for flight tickets when the campaign starts the same day! Readyfortakeoff

6. Fly for free with points

Not only is your email address that I recommend sign up with for the airlines you travel with, also make sure that you become a member or customer of every airline you actually flying with in order to register your flights with them. Some airlines have a system where your flights become points while others have so you collect miles, etc. It may be called different but in the end it is the same – you accumulate for free travels in the future! Then you use your points or miles that you have accumulated and use it instead of money when you have to pay for a flight ticket, good huh! 🙂 Here I have written a few blog posts on tips how to do:

SAS Business Class Now you know how I do to find the most affordable flight tickets! 🙂 How do you do when booking your flight tickets?

Happy Travels!
/ Charlotte

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